The much anticipated Top Gun sequel will finally be realized after 28 years since Maverick first took to the skies


Good news for Top Gun fans, because after decades of waiting, we will once again see Maverick and Goose soar up in the skies. The lead starts of the Top Gun will once again raid the cinemas across the globe for an exciting adventure. This is one movie that is sure to be a blockbuster sensation.

According to the head of Production for Paramount Pictures, creating the sequel to the film that had catapulted Tom Cruise into fame is considered as top priority. If there is one thing we fans would love to know of, is of course, if Tom Cruise will still be part of the team.  Sources say that there is more than ninety nine percent chance for him to appear in the movie.

Movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that even though there is no exact date yet, they are very near in actually doing it. According to him, they have been trying to do it for thirty years and he feels like it is getting closer and closer. Tom Cruise was even excited about the idea and said that even if he became eighty years old, he would still love to play the Top Gun role.

To further excite the fans, Bruckheimer had even said that the next top gun movie will surely break the norms of aviation. They want people to know that pilots are not obsolete, because of drones; pilots are definitely here to stay.

Rumor has it this film is set to be released earlier than the Mission Impossible sequel. 



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