Hillsong Worship “Team Night” Album Review

Hillsong Worship

Prime Cuts: Eagle's Wings, Waiting Here for You, That's the Power

Overall Grade: 4.5/5

Despite the barrage of sexual scandals, the allegations of abuse and financial misappropriations, and the much-publicized resignations and cancelled tours, Hillsong Worship has soldiered on.  Rather than release a full-fledged new album, they have opted for a safer route.  "Team Night" is essentially a re-recorded "greatest hits" package with a couple of surprises. "Team Night" is a collection of 10 songs recorded during their "team nights," where smaller clusters of the church would gather to worship.  However, the record has such a polished studio over-dubbed sound that it doesn't really matter where and when the songs were first recorded.

As with most "greatest hits" packages, their latest single "That's the Power" is included. Instead of Benjamin Hastings taking the microphone as in the original, Brooke Ligertwood handles the lead. In Ligertwood's hands, the song enjoys a more relaxed and pseudo-jazzy vibe that perfectly compliments Ligertwood's smoky alto. Ligertwood also takes the lead on an oldie but a goodie, "Eagle's Wings." Touted by Darlene Zschech as her all-time favorite Hillsong song, Ligertwood revives this 1999 classic with tenderness as she reminds us of our God's sovereign care.

Ligertwood's solo single "A Thousand Hallelujahs" gets a surprise inclusion. Tagged withthe classic "We Exalt Thee." Jad Gillies does an excellent job in drawing us into worship with awe and earnestness. Gilles also does an excellent job on a medley of Joel Houston's "On Repeat" and "All to Him." What is strange is that none of their usual cohorts, such as Houston, Reuben Morgan, Benjamin Hastings, and Hannah Hobbs, gets a featured vocal spot. Y&F's Aodhan King is one of the few exceptions. Nevertheless, he does an unremarkable rendition of Ligertwood's "Resurrender."

Another surprise is the team's rendition of Martin Smith's "Waiting Here for You." Gilles gives it a faithful reading without much to shout about. Nevertheless, TAYA's thoughtful take of UNITED's "Clean" is in a league of its own. The spontaneous worship following it is worth every second of it.  As with most "greatest hits" packages, there is a familiarity with these songs that gives them an instant liking. And with a few surprises thrown in, this album is definitely worth checking out.



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