We the Kingdom “We the Kingdom” Album Review

We the Kingdom

Prime Cuts: God is On the Throne, Count the Stars (Be There for You), Jesus Does

Overall Grade: 4/5

Although We the Kingdom has had some stellar cuts, their previous two albums have been spotty at best.  Album number 3, therefore, may be their best record to date. Touted as their most eclectic set to date, this newly released self-titled album finds the pentad canvassing a broad range of styles. From 80s rock to piano ballads to Gospel-ish pop, there is not a dull moment on the record. While some of their previous cuts then to be unsolicitous, the compositions here are generally more thoughtful, nuanced, and controlled. In fact, from the first few listens, there are already a couple of worship classics emerging in a big way.

Two of the songs here that are absolute gems. The first being the piano ballad "Count the Stars (Be There for You)." Recalling how God promised a childless Abrahamdescendants that would be as numerous as the stars, "Count the Stars" assures us that God can be trusted even when our futures look bleak. Picking up the beat a little is the pop-anthem "God is on the Throne." Featuring an ultra-catchy chorus, you can almost envision churches singing along to this powerful declaration of God's sovereignty.

Though not of the same league as the previous two songs, "Jesus Does" comes close. A powerful testimony of what Jesus can do, "Jesus Does" is prided for its picturesque lyrics: Who tells the Sun to rise every morning?/Colors the sky with the shades of His glory?/Wakes us with mercy and love? Jesus does/Who holds the orphan, comforts the widow? The band breaks out of their comfort zone with the 80s-sounding rock sounding "Deep End" and the nostalgic-sounding "Mine." Meanwhile, "Tabernacle" has a native Gospel feel that is affecting. Bringing us back to the 21st century is their rock-edged single "Left It in the Water," which is pleasant but not essential.

While most of the songs here are directed vertically to God, "Family" is an honest look at the ups and downs of what it means to interact with others. Despite the song's much needed message, "Family" could have been stronger if the melody were not as nebulous. The same can be said about "The Veil." This record is by no means perfect. However, there are also some classics to be here. Mark my words, "God is On the Throne" and "Count the Stars (Be There for You)" are going to be giants.



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