Melinda Isley Teams Up with LaToya "Firestarter" Perry for "Praise Break"

Melinda Isley

Songwriter and artist Melinda Isley has teamed up with LaToya "Firestarter" Perry for her new single "Praise Break."  The song is written and co-produced by Terrance Howell, Jesse Wood, and Stuart McCloud of Revival Music Company. "Praise Break" is precisely as its name implies - a praise break! The chorus rings out sparking an energizing atmosphere for unrestricted praise.

"No matter where you are on your journey, this song is for everyone," Melinda shares.  "I hope you sing this song over and over until your heart is content.  May this praise be your mighty weapon!"

Isley has released the official music video for "Praise Break" on Vevo / YouTube.  Her spirited video is directed by Kendra Square-Jarman who captures Melinda's pure praise during a weekly prayer and worship service in a small and charismatic church.  Isley adds, "I'm super thankful for how this video turned out! I couldn't believe how many people just showed up! Not for Pay, not for glory, but for something greater! This is Kingdom Work by Kingdom people! My absolute honor and privilege to be a part of it all!! To God be the glory and may He multiply all of it to bring MANY more into the Kingdom with us!" 

"Praise Break" can be heard on Gospel radio stations across the country and can be downloaded and streamed on all digital music outlets now.    

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