Perry LaHaie Launches New Podcast "Cast Yourself In"

Perry LaHaie

Singer/songwriter, recording artist, and morning drive-time radio host Perry LaHaie launches his new podcast "Cast Yourself In." The podcast currently airs in over 400 radio markets across North America. Now, LaHaie has partnered with Frontiers USA, an international community of people dedicated to inviting Muslims worldwide to follow Jesus, to make the program available worldwide via such podcast platforms as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Player FM and others.

LaHaie hopes to reach an even broader audience with the "Cast Yourself In" podcast, which shares amazing stories of Jesus' extraordinary impact in the Muslim world in recent years.

"It's likely that more Muslims have decided to follow Jesus in the last twenty years than in the previous 1,400 years of Islam," says LaHaie, who has extensively studied what God is doing in the Muslim world.

"The stories of Jesus' work in the Muslim world read like the book of Acts. These are stories of dreams, visions, miracles, healings, and unexplainable faithfulness in the face of persecution," LaHaie says as he relates the story of Miriam, a believer from a Muslim background whose uncle had just died. "Just after her uncle passed, Miriam prayed, and breath returned to his lungs. After that, Miriam's uncle and nine other Muslim family members decided to follow Jesus. Cast Yourself In is story after story of Muslims putting their faith in the living Jesus."

"These stories have changed my life," LaHaie continues. "I've looked into the faces of Muslim background believers in Jesus who have said, 'Perry, I went to a gathering of Christians intending to kill them, but there I heard the message of forgiveness, and Jesus' grace washed over me!'

"One person said, 'I was praying in a Mosque when I had a vision of Jesus. He asked me to follow Him.'

"Still another said, 'In a hospital room, my cousin was in a coma, dying. Christians, whom I hated, came and prayed for him, and he was healed. That night, Jesus gave me a new heart.'

"What these stories have burned into my heart is that the risen Jesus moves in mystery on our planet and invites us into what He's doing!"

For more information on Perry LaHaie or his latest CD, Him, or to listen to the Cast Yourself In podcast, visit You can follow him on Facebook (, Twitter (@perry_lahaie), Instagram (perrydlahaie) and his website blog (, or find out more about LaHaie's daily radio show at 89.3 FM Grand Rapids, MI.




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