Rachael Nemiroff Expands Her Musical Palette with Her New Collaboration with Steven Malcolm

Rachael Nemiroff

Rachael Nemiroff expands her sound as she collaborates with Christian rapper, Steven Malcolm, for their new single "Hero or Heretic." Nemiroff is thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate in the Hip-Hop world. The single was produced by David Thulin who is well known for Christian projects with Rachael Lampa, Shine Bright Baby, Jonathan Thulin, etc.

"I wanted to combine a pop feel to Rachael's already amazing organic vibe, so when we were in the studio writing "Hero or Heretic," I started with programmed drums and synths rather than Rachael's typical approach," said Thulin. "It was a gamble, sure, but it worked! Then we wondered if a feature would make sense and that's where Steven came into the picture."

The powerful message of "Hero or Heretic" is not to label people, but to love them where they are. Everyone can have uncomfortable moments in their lives and humans are not perfect. We all need to support each other with God's love and grace, no matter the circumstances in our lives.

Nemiroff writes, "In a world full of pedestals and perfectionism, I want to take the pressure off of you. I hope when you listen this song it can be a reminder to have grace for yourself and grace for others around you. You're allowed to be human, make mistakes, be vulnerable, etc." 

"As believers, we don't have to pick between being perfect or struggling in our lives," continues Nemiroff. "We should be allowed to be human. We should be allowed to make mistakes. The flaws in our humanity are a beautiful thing and I think we all need to have more grace and patience with each other."

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