John Schneider Brings New Meaning to the Word Patriotism with New Movie

John Schneider

Actor and singer John Schneider's new faith-based movie To Die For will be available on DVD and streaming at CineflixDOD on October 20. Schneider wrote, directed and stars in this highly anticipated film, which was produced by his wife and filmmaking partner, Alicia Allain. 

"We made this movie with a crew of under 10 people over the last 10 months because we had to," Schneider revealed in a statement. "The madness has gotten to the point where something must be done. All great movements and reclamations begin with a single thought and a God-given means of expression. This is mine."

He added, "This movie is intensely patriotic. If patriotism offends you in any way, watch this film. If you are still offended, move."   

The movie takes a stand for patriotism and the American flag, which won't shock Schneider fans who have watched the American icon boldly embrace and proclaim his conservative views in recent years. The powerful and gripping drama takes on the feel of a Clint Eastwood film, with Schneider front and center for one of the most impassioned performances of his career.

Frustrated by the liberal left and what he deems the destruction of the country he risked his life for, reclusive veteran Quint North (Schneider) is ordered by the court to keep his distance from the local high school with the American flag on the back of his El Camino or face a fine and jail time. In an ultimate exhibition of patriotism, he sets forth a series of events that just may get him killed in his own front yard. 

"To Die For" will be available for streaming October 20th at Pre-order at and save 50% off the release day price!  

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