Actor Cameron Arnett Opens Up About New Film "First Responders"

First Responders

Our local heroes, First Responders fearlessly run to danger on a daily basis. But when police, firefighters, and medical professionals are in need, who comes to their aid?  The upcoming film First Responders shines a light on these struggles, and shares a message of hope and healing. First Responders will be in theaters for a two-night-only event, October 24 and 25, through Fathom Events.  

The movie celebrates the vitality of marriage and the bonds of friendship that carry firefighters, police, and EMTs through their challenges. This inspirational film shares the story of Karen Williams, a trauma therapist who has witnessed firsthand the special courage that shapes those who work in emergency services.

But when her husband Mark, a career firefighter, returns from a life-changing blaze, she discovers that a degree and years of counseling first responders has done little to prepare her for the challenge of helping her husband battle PTSD.  Unable to see a path to save her marriage, Karen turns to God and celebrates the truth that through Him all things are possible. Perhaps no one knows this better than the brave men and women who provide emergency services: the ones we call "first responders."  

We are honored to catch up with actor Cameron Arnett to talk about the film. 

Q: Cameron, thanks for doing this interview with us. Very briefly tell us what is the film "First Responders" about?

The film is about the daily lives of the responders, what they deal with, the effects on them, their homes and those around them.

Q: What first attracted you to this movie?

First it was Scotty Curlee, then of course the well, It was something I was able to identify with as one who has made those kinds of decisions to live my life for the sake of others.

Q: What is your role in this film?

I play the role of Darnell Taylor, married to another first responder and friend to a team of like minded individuals who walk through the effects together.

Q: Do you have a favorite scene from the film?

I really enjoyed the scenes with the children, I felt they provided an insight to the depth of their world within dark situations.

Q: Why do you think people should watch this movie?

The humanizing effect of these professions is one of the main things I believe the film brings to view. I believe the audience will gain an understanding and viewpoint of the "people" within these roles, and not just the roles themselves.

Q: This film deals with the challenging issue of PTSD. What do you have to say to people who are suffering or know of people who are suffering from PTSD?

The traumatic, is not something that the human mind should deal with constantly, and when it does, it carries with it the challenges of those traumatic situations, and sometimes for a lifetime. This is something that society hasn't always known, so to understand and provide help when needed is of utmost importance. The walk through is not something that should just be offered to those who experience these situations, but as well to those who run into them to provide the help needed. They are important.

Q: How has this film helped you in terms of your own relationship with God and your loved ones?

Being a Minister, and because I see the five fold ministry as first responders in a spiritual sense, this has helped me to dive deeper into my relationship with the Word, with the Holy Spirit...He is the helper, the one who keeps me from allowing the trauma of people's lives to cause a downward spiral within my own. As well, He is the solution I bring to them in whatever situation or need. 

Tickets are available today at and participating theater box offices.


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