Austin French Reveals His Struggles Behind New Single "Jesus Can"

Austin French

Singer, worship leader, songwriter and author Austin French returns with a new radio version of "Jesus Can."  Originally released ion French's 2020 EP Wake Up Sleeper, the song captures some of French's struggles while he was growing up. The song also testifies about how Christ can overcome the obstacles in our lives.

French writes, "I'm so excited to announce my newest single 'Jesus Can' is out now! This is my story, a reminder that we can't overcome on our own, but Jesus can!" 

French grew up in a Christian home with his dad as worship pastor of their church. While growing up, Austin confesses that faith and anything to do with it repelled him. He did not grow up in a happy home.

"The conversations we had pulling up into the church parking lot was "Hide the bruises, hide the scars, put a smile on your face because we're at church." We became the ministry family that was perfect from the outside looking in, but on the inside when we were at home, it felt like World War III." French says, "We were taught not to share and talk about it, and not to show the brokenness."

"Jesus Can," a vibey story song about his growing up years, is Austin at his most vulnerable and most redeemed. Writing the song brought up so much pain (and ultimately healing) from his past, he decided to expand the idea into a book. "I'm an artist whose life has been radically saved through a very desperate situation," Austin says. "That's the goal of the book and this song, to share my history and my story. When you think you can't make it out, Jesus can make a way." 

Picture this an 8 year old kid
Growing up in Georgia
Having a hard time with the world
That he was seeing

Coming home from school
Scared to death
And always wondering
What kind of mood his dad would be in
That kind of home
Can do a number on you
Mom and dad broke up
And I guess I broke too
I grew up thinking
Nothing good could ever come
From a story like mine

But who turns a broken dream
Into a life redeemed
Who can turn your worst defeat
Into your victory
Who saw me where I was
And led me where I stand
My life is living proof
That only Jesus can

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