Southern Gospel Duo Chronicle Share their Thoughts Behind their New Christmas Album


Southern Gospel duo Chronicle, which comprises of the husband and wife team Tim Kinchen and Missy Kinchen, have just released their brand new Christmas album Down in Louisiana. To purchase the album, click HERE.

With lots of saxaphone riffs, Chronicle packs an album's worth of beautiful Christmas songs. This includes their jazzy takes on classics like "Let It Snow," "Oh Holy Night," "O Little Town of Bethlehem." The album also includes originals such as "Merry Christmas Momma," "Santa's Prayer,"and "Louisiana Christmas Day."

Chronicle is from Denham Springs, Louisiana. This Duo is known for their soulful southern gospel music along with hints of jazz and blues. Their use of the saxophones is what sets them apart from other acts. They were also honored to receive "Duet of the Year" with SGN Scoops Magazine's/ Diamond awards this year 2022, and Chronicle was a Top 5 Nominee for the Singing News Magazine's fan awards "Favorite Duet" this by year 2022 

Q: Tim and Missy, thanks for doing this interview with us. Why do you call yourselves Chronicle? 

Chronicle means a factual written account of important or historical events... so we called ourselves "Chronicle" because we sing of the most IMPORTANT historical account and that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Q: Though you guys are great vocalists, but you have a love for the saxophone. Tell us more about the saxophone and your use of it in your songs?

Tim had a fascination for saxophone since he was a child and seen one in a encyclopedia. He asked his mother to get him one he wanted to take band and play it. She told him she would get him a clarinet and if he learned that, she would get him a saxophone. Mrs Alfreda Kinchen, got him the clarinet and he learned it, so Tim went back to her and reminded her about the saxophone, so she then bought it for him. He took band at school and soon learned to hear music by ear and not just read it.

One day his band instructor heard him adding to the music and said Kinchen what did you just do? Do that again... Tim was scared, he thought he was in trouble.. but he did as his instructor told him and the instructor liked what he heard. Tim played by ear, at church services he and his family would go to. Tim won a scholarship upon graduating because of his accomplishments in band. Tim and his wife Missy live in the jazz state of Louisiana where Tim could have played in New Orleans many times over, but he never has. He loves playing for the Lord and making music to lift up the name of the Lord. 

Q: You have a new Christmas album entitled "Down in Louisiana." How is the celebration of Christmas in Louisiana different from how it's being celebrated in other places?

It is much the same in Louisiana, but singers in Louisiana may add the jazz instrument to their vocal arrangements. But we want the most emphasis to be on Jesus.

Q: On this new record, you have also included a few of your new compositions. I love "Merry Christmas Momma," what's the story behind this song?

Tim and Missy was a few weeks away from their music tracking date and Tim says to Missy: "We need to write a song about a soldier at Christmas time for the record" Missy then says at first, "I don't think we have the time, we are close to our tracking date" then Tim brought her most of a chorus and then within the day they had the song written. 

The song, tells of a soldier writing home for Christmas when he can't be there. Asking his mother to pray for him.

Q: Tell us more about "Santa's Prayer."

This song tells about someone who dresses up as Santa during Christmas time and sees so much emphasis on commercialism instead Jesus Christ and the song ends with "Santa Clause is coming , kneeling down to pray... Lord let this be a Holy Christmas Day. "

Q: Speaking of Christmas, what does the season mean to you?

A time to remember the birth of Christ and honor HIM a time of giving as we was given the ultimate gift Salvation through Jesus.

Q: With 2023 around the corner, what are your plans (in terms of music) that fans can look out for?

Chronicle plans to keep touring and lifting up the name of Jesus Christ through our music and testimony. We pray that we will be able to accomplish an all original album in the near future. 



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