Pope Francis Urges Us to Donate to Ukraine as Zelenskyy Offers His Christmas Message


Pope Francis on Wednesday called on people to spend less on Christmas presents and celebrations, and donate the money saved to those in war-ravaged Ukraine.

"It is nice to celebrate Christmas. But let's lower the level of Christmas spending a bit," Francis said in his weekly general audience at the Vatican.

"Let's have a more humble Christmas, with more humble gifts. Let's send what we save to the Ukrainian people, who need it," he said.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said Ukrainians will create their own miracle this Christmas by remaining unbowed despite Russian attacks targeting key infrastructure.

"Even in complete darkness, we will find each other to hug each other tightly. And if there is no heat, we will embrace each other for a long time to warm one another," Zelenskyy said.

Zelenskyy offers his Christmas message when he says:

"Today and all future winter holidays we meet in difficult circumstances. Someone will see the first star in the sky over Bakhmut, Rubizhne, and Kreminna today. Someone will celebrate the holiday in other people's homes, but strange people's homes - homes of Ukrainians who gave shelter to Ukrainians. Someone will hear Shchedryk in another language - in Warsaw, Berlin, London, New York, Toronto and many other cities and countries. And someone will meet this Christmas in captivity, but let them remember that we are also coming for our people, we will return freedom to all Ukrainian men and women.

"Wherever we are, we will be together today. We make a wish. One for all. And we will feel joy. One for all. And we will understand the truth. One for all.

"We will celebrate our holidays! As always. We will smile and be happy. As always. The difference is one. We will not wait for a miracle. After all, we create it ourselves.

"Christ is born! Let's praise Him!"




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