6 Studio Albums of the Late Keith Green Gets Re-Released

Keith Green

Girder Records will be releasing a Keith Green The Studio Collection (6 CD Box Set) on December 29. The Studio Collection (6 CD Box Set) comes with Green's first 6 CDs, plus the LTD collector trading cards plus 6 special, artist rendition, lithograph prints by Rudy Gruenke. Each special print measures 5"x 5 1/2". Prints will only be available in the box set. 

  • For Him Who Has Ears To Hear + LTD Collector Card (1977)
  • No Compromise + LTD Collector Card (1978)
  • So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt + LTD Collector Card (1980) includes the original US cover
  • Songs for the Shepard + LTD Collector Card (1982)
  • The Prodigal Son + LTD Collector Card (1983)
  • Jesus Commands Us To Go + LTD Collector Card (1984). Includes the original artwork never before released on CD in the USA

Keith Green's legacy is undeniable. Green left his mark on the Christian music scene and will forever be known as one of the founding fathers of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). Anyone who has followed Christian music at any capacity, has heard of Keith Green or grew up with his music.There is little question that Keith Green is one of the greatest of all time. But, Green would tell you that "Jesus is greatest of all time." All Green cared about was pointing people to Jesus through music and ministry, which is exactly what he did. 

Many of his songs were deliver with passion and filled with hope and joy.  However Green had no problem speaking the undeniable truth. He spent equal time speaking to complacent Christianity, as he did reaching "the lost".  Keith Green left this world at a young age as he was killed in plane crash on his Last Days Ministries property,

For Him Who Has Ears To Hear

For Him Who Has Ears to Hear, Keith Green's 1977 debut, set the Christian music world on fire. One of the best-selling Christian albums, it has been named the #5 Greatest Album in Christian Music by CCM Magazine. Many of its songs have become iconic in Christian music, such as "Your Love Broke Through," co-written with Randy Stonehill and Todd Fishkind, and his exuberant cover of Annie Herring's "Easter Song." His passion and love for the Lord is evident in every song, and his musical talent is undeniable.

No Compromise

Released in 1978, Keith Green's second album, No Compromise, featured a strong prophetic passion as Green admonishes the church on "Asleep in the Light," a Christian radio hit (#11) and later covered by Steve Camp in 1985, and "To Obey Is Better than Sacrifice." Two other songs were radio hits: "Soften My Heart" (#7) and "Dear John Letter (to the Devil)" (#8). There's also a dramatic cover of "The Victor" by Jamie Owens-Collins, which features her, Matthew Ward, and Annie Herring as part of the choral vocals. The album's title derives from the Melody Green composed "Make My Life a Prayer to You."

So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt

Keith Green's third album, So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt, was released in 1980 on his own label, Pretty Good Records and sold for "whatever you can afford." It features rock icon Bob Dylan playing harmonica on "Pledge My Head to Heaven," the praise and worship classic, "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful," and the serious but humorous title track, a #8 radio hit. CCM Magazine placed the album at 49 in their publication of The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music. 

Songs For The Shepherd

Songs for the Shepherd, Keith Green's fifth album, was released in 1982, after the The Keith Green Collection, a best of compilation that featured three previously unreleased live songs. Green died in July 1982 making this his last album released during his lifetime. It is a worship themed album featuring musical adaptations of Psalms 23, 8, and 9, as well as the classic praise song, "There Is a Redeemer," written by Melody Green. It also features "Holy, Holy, Holy," Keith Green's favorite hymn. The London National Philharmonic Orchestra provided the strings on the album.

The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son, Keith Green's seventh album was released posthumously in 1983, after I Only Want to See You There, another compilation album that featured mostly previously released material. The Prodigal Son featured previously unreleased material and included the sweeping, cinematic twelve minute "The Prodigal Son Suite," one of Green's most heartfelt Scripture songs. There are also two very personal songs, the touching love song "Love with Me (Melody's Song)" and the heart-wrenching "Song for Josiah," about Green's son, who died with him in the plane crash. 

Jesus Commands Us to Go!

Released in 1984, Jesus Command Us to Go! was Keith Green's eighth album and another collection of previously unreleased material. The opening song "Dust to Dust," written by Melody Green was a Christian radio hit (#33). It also features Green's version of his own song, "Run to the End of the Highway," which first appeared on the Good News II album in 1977 in a much jazzier rendition. "On the Road to Jericho," is another emotional Scripture song based on Jesus' good Samaritan story. A spontaneous instrumental piano piece, "Keith's Piano Prelude," is a highlight that precedes the album's final worship song "Create in Me a Clean Heart," based on Psalm 51.


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