Branan Murphy On His Single: "God is Building Something Beautiful in Us"

Branan Murphy

DREAM Records singer and songwriter Branan Murphy returns with a new single from his upcoming album Life Is Hard. Produced by Grammy nominated producer Jordan Sapp, "Palaces" mixes elements of hip-hop with an innovative pop sound that carries the message of tearing down the personal divisive walls in order to get right with God. It's fun and serious all at the same time and really makes the listener think.

"Everyone on earth wants to become who they were made to be. I think one of the reasons people struggle so much in life is because they don't know who they are. They don't know why God made them. Ultimately, through faith in Jesus, God made us to be his dwelling place, his spirit in our hearts. And if he's the King, then that must make us palaces. Whether we realize it or not, all the things that happen to us, all of our triumphs, defeats, growing pains, disappointments, joys, sorrows, mistakes...this messy, mysterious life we live is all working together for something brilliant. God is building something beautiful in us.

"I wanted this song to be a journey, a trip, a clash of styles and movements and unpredictable moments, because that's what life is like. And I want people to be ok with wherever they are in life. As painful as it may be, as many questions as you may have, let God tear down the walls, let him rebuild them all until we are his palaces." 

Known for his passion and honest lyricism, Branan utilizes a wide range of musical styles and performances to connect with people from all walks of life. In 2021, he released the Better King EP, which featured two Billboard Top 10 hits, including his first Billboard #1 record, "This World Is Not My Home." The follow up from this success has led to his most recent release, "Father," in October of 2022, which is the first single from his upcoming album slated for release in 2023. 

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