Crystal Lewis Offers One-On-One Vocal Coaching Sessions

Crystal Lewis

Grammy-nominated artist Crystal Lewis is offering one-on-one vocal coaching sessions to fans. These sessions are live, via Skype/Facetime, one on one, with Lewis. This is not a prerecorded video series and there is no curriculum and no blueprint. To register, click HERE.

Lewis writes, "I started offering one-on-one vocal coaching sessions in 2017. I was hesitant at- first because A. I'd never done it before and B. I don't have a teaching degree. My expectations were... not high. But can I tell you?... it has been such a remarkable experience! The incredible clients I've had the pleasure of working with have absolutely exceeded my expectations. My goal with each client has been to share my 30+ years of experience and help them hone their craft, tell their truth, find and use their voice... and I would love to help you FIND YOURS!"

This course is open to all. "Listen, it's never too soon to jump in to your dreams... it's never too late to pick up where you left off. If you feel as though you want some guidance when it comes to singing, speaking, writing, creating, finding the voice that I PROMISE is already there... I'd love to serve you! I'd love to come along side and help you recover what may have been lost... and discover some new strengths you can put to good use.

"Whether you sing in the shower, your church worship band, teach at a school, are part of a choir, lead an ensemble, would like to grow as a vocalist or performer, aspire to record, want to be a song writer or simply want to explore what it means for you to Find Your Voice...
I'm here for you.

"Whether you have been singing since you were a kid, have put your voice on hold since having a baby, haven't sung in years because of a job or relationship or feel like you've lost the voice you had...
I'm here for you."

Lewis dominated the chart for an entire decade, reaching a commercial peak in the genre with her Billboard Top 5 albums "Let Love In" (1990) and "Beauty for Ashes," (1996), in addition to "Gold" (1998) and the Grammy® nominated "Fearless" (2000), which collectively sold hundreds of thousands of units and inspired young future superstars like Katy Perry and Tori Kelly. 

In 1999, Kirk Franklin - who later produced the background vocals on "Fearless" - invited Crystal to sing on his Grammy nominated original "Lean on Me" with R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige and Bono - and she joined the others in a performance of the song at the Grammy Awards. Two of the Dove Awards she won in 1998-99 were for her Spanish language albums "Oro" and "La Bellessa de la Cruz." She planted the seeds of her current jazz-oriented recordings with the release of her Christmas album "Holiday!" (2000) performed with the Peter Erskine Trio.

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