Matt Redman Teams Up with Bethel Music's David Funk for "Lamb of God"

Matt Redman

GRAMMY®-Award winning worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman releases the ultimate single and title track for his February 17th album, "Lamb of God." The song expands on the many wonders of our world seen in a majestic blue ocean, a starry night sky, or the grandeur of the mountains, but it reminds us that the single greatest wonder our souls have ever seen is the Lamb of God on Calvary. 

Blazing stars that reach me
From distant galaxies
The oceans, they are speaking
Magnificence so deep
But the single greatest wonder
My soul has ever seen
Is the Lamb of God on Calvary 

Matt Redman wrote "Lamb of God" with Jason Ingram and Bethel Music's David Funk, who features on the track, as they pursue the centrality of the cross through the worshipful track. The theme of the cross is central in Redman's songwriting, "it's a game-changer right at the heart of our faith that I don't think we should go one Sunday without singing about it," he says. "If we're going to do that,
we're going to need fresh new songs around this beautiful ancient theme. That's a huge motivator to me, in writing a song like this," he continues.

"Lamb of God" gives the Church a fresh window to look through, to behold the wonder of what took place at Calvary. Redman's best songs include "The Heart of Worship," "Blessed Be Your Name," "Our God" - and the double-Grammy winning "10,000 Reasons." More recent co-writes include "Do It Again" and "Build my Life." 

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