Hillsong Church Appoints Phil and Lucinda Dooley as Global Senior Pastors

Hillsong Church

Australian-based megachurch Hillsong Church has announced that they have just appointed Phil and Lucinda Dooley as the Global Senior Pastors of the church. Prior to this appointment, the Dooleys were serving as the Interim Global Senior Pastors.

Hillsong Church global board chair, Dr. Stephen Crouch announces, "They (the Dooleys) have served many roles, from youth pastors, to creative pastors, pastoral care, to dedicating the last fourteen years establishing Hillsong Church in South Africa, a flourishing church. Each time they have applied themselves with diligence and excellence."

The permanent appointment follows a year of significant change for Hillsong which saw the implementation of recommendations from independent reviews of both the governance structure and the process for complaints against credentialled pastors. The global board was also renewed and a new spiritual advisory team to work closely with the senior pastors was formed.

Pastor Phil told the congregation that he and wife Lucinda resolved to "serve our global church family with humility of heart, love and conviction that the church is the hope of the world."

Repeating a theme he has consistently emphasised since stepping into the interim role, he said, "Our simple desire is to continue to lead a healthy church changing lives through Christ."

"We look towards the future with humble expectation, an expectation that God will continue to pour out his grace over our church."

Phil Dooley is passionate about wholeness, wellbeing, growth and development in all areas of church life, as well as in his own life. Having started off as a youth pastor, he remains committed to raising up new leaders and seeing the next generation thrive, and step into all God has called them to.

Phil is an engaging and empathetic communicator, skilled at applying biblical wisdom in practical ways to the highs, lows and challenges of everyday life. He loves to connect with people and to celebrate others and witness their lives transformed and made fruitful by the grace and love of Jesus. His desire is to keep growing throughout all the years of his life and to invest in others doing the same. 



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