Listen to Lauren Talley, Amber Eppinette Saunders and Kenna Turner West's Debut Single Here

Lauren, Amber & Kenna

Last year Lauren Talley, Amber Eppinette Saunders and Kenna Turner West have agreed to come together to work on a collaborative record. Today, they have released their first single, "Ever-Present, Almighty God" on Horizon Records. Listen to song below.

Billed as Lauren, Amber & Kenna, the trio has translated its informal origin, captured in a viral social media video of them harmonizing in a car, into a mighty, well-crafted and heartfelt debut that both fulfills the promise of that initial spark and offers new ones - of music still to come, but more importantly, of God's infinite power and grace.

Bold and expansive from its opening notes, "Ever-Present, Almighty God" moves swiftly to highlight Lauren Talley's unmistakable lead, as she begins the song's reminder of two Biblical stories that illustrate God's unquenchable power, and the call to unshakable faith that allows Him to bring it to bear. As the music swells, the song - written by Kenna, her long-time writing partner, Jason Cox, and Amber - moves to a triumphant chorus that finds the three voices joined in celebration:

He's the God who shuts the mouths of lions
He's the God who stands in the flame
When you're up against what seems impossible
Remember you're not
He's the ever-present, almighty God

"As a songwriter," says Kenna, "I love to write songs that remind us of what God has done in the past, because it encourages us to keep believing for what He has yet to do. That's been a theme in my songwriting for years, and is one of the reasons I am so blessed by our new single. Add to that how much I love to sing with Amber and Lauren, and what you have in this song is one of the most rewarding recordings of my career."

Adds Lauren, "'Ever-Present, Almighty God' showcases the character of each voice - not only mine, but the smoky texture of Kenna Turner West's low notes and Amber Eppinette Saunders' powerful high range, all on full display in a song we hope will move and inspire the listener," while Amber offers the pithiest observation of all: "This song is a great reminder that we have an ON TIME, sovereign God that is in full control! What a joy it is to sing this with my dear friends."

Listen to "Ever-Present, Almighty God" HERE.



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