LEELAND'S Video for "Way Maker" Has Over 100 Million Views


Texas-based worship duo LEELAND'S video for "Way Maker" on YouTube has gone viral, the video has received over 100 million views. The celebrations are coupled with immense gratitude for Sinach, the original artist and writer of this globally impactful record. With open hands, she allowed the Lord to take this song beyond what anyone could have fathomed. Sinach, thank you.

We recognize that those 100 million, are people --- people who were able to hear and hopefully receive that God is truly all of the things the lyrics proclaim: He is our Way Maker, our Miracle-Worker, & our Promise-Keeper.

LEELAND has recently released their new album City of God. The album came from their desire to fearlessly explore a pastoral and prophetic voice of worship where songs are sung together and over the people of God. The 11 new songs are centered around the thematic of Psalm 46 through thoughtful and innovative songwriting.

Recorded in a live rehearsal room with no audience but special guest artists including TAYA, Charity Gayle, Rita Springer, Vanessa Hill, and Lauren Strahm (Fleurie), an expansive soundscape is captured on each of the new songs. 'City of God' unpacks three layers of the project's foundational Scripture in songs of hope for the midst of trouble, songs of intimacy and safety, and songs of God's justice. Initially sparked in the chaos of the pandemic, the inspiration is for it to be a prophetic oeuvre making space for meditation. It also captures the profound power of art to invite people inside a divine world brought alive through music, pushing conversations around artistic pursuit forward within the Church. 



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