Hillsong's Bobbie Houston Back in the Pulpit & Reveals Her Concerns Over Her Husband's Court Case

Bobbie Houston

Hillsong co-founding pastor Bobbie Houston was back in the pulpit last Friday and Saturday. These were her first speaking engagements since she and her husband left hillsong Church early last year.  Bobbie was one of the keynote speakers at Christian Faith Center's women conference which took place in Seattle. 

Bobbie is grateful to be able to minister again. She reveals, "So till this month, I had not preached nor taught for more than 12mths. Colour 2022 was the last thing I did before all hell let loose. And apart from a Gathering Brian & I did mths later, wherein we simply sought to let people know we are ok, (despite the landscape) that has been it. I haven't been on platform to minister. I have remained present on Igram, because the enemy would love to silence & gag even there.

"So, it was beautiful to stir up the gift & speak to one of the prevailing convictions of my life - that of believing in the VALUE & worth of women, in order that they may rise in strength & beauty and place value upon humanity. Yep. The wonder of sisterhood remains. It is evidenced everywhere & I should take this opport to thank those girls who globally reach out to tell me the seeds of Ps 68:11 (Amp) are very much alive."

However, June will be an important month for both Bobbie and Brian. On June 15 and 16, an Australian judge will be deciding if Brian Houston had "reasonable excuse" not to report his father's sexual abuse of a boy to the police. Bobbie writes, "So, the month of June now awaits us. The defamation & "character assassination" is at an all time high, which remains both astonishing & disturbing. We will walk into what awaits us with hearts fixed on JESUS - the One who walks ahead, beside, behind; the One who resides within, and is supreme judge & jury on so much of what has been 2022 & the last 25yrs.

"On that note, I have remained constrained by the Holy Spirit. Lack of comment or perspective is not because words nor perspective are lacking.Trust me. This woman is not remotely confused by the tempestuous winds of narrative & nonsense. We have remained constrained because we care about the wellbeing of people. The antichrist naysayers & self-righteous will say what they will on even that comment, but what they say ultimately doesn't matter. Only what THE LORD SAYS matters."

Bobbie Houston, together with her husband Brian, is the founder of Hillsong Church. Bobbie also founded The Colour Sisterhood foundation in 1997, a worldwide movement of women united to make a difference and make the world a better place, which sponsors conferences, Sisterhood projects and initiatives. She and her husband have three grown children and live in Sydney, Australia and Orange County, California.   

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