Graham Kendrick Partners with Kintsugi Hope for "Jesus of the Scars"

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Veteran UK-based worship leader and songwriter Graham Kendrick has partnered with charity Kintsugi Hope for a new song and video. "Jesus of the Scars" features violinist Natasha Petrovic and is set to the tune of Londonderry Air.

The video for "Jesus of the Scars" is available on our YouTube channel now and the song will be available to download and stream on Spotify and other platforms very soon. "Jesus of the Scars" is a beautiful invitation for us to come to Jesus with our hurts, disappointments, and grief. This is because our God is one who understands our pain. Therefore, he will never turn us away. 

When skies grow dark and all we see are shadows
The road too rough, the mountains rise too far
When pain runs deep, and wounds cry out for answers
We come to you, O Jesus of the Scars
What other god chose to be born in weakness
Knew toil and tears and felt our deepest woe?
Then to a cross, to bear our sin and sorrow
And so, we worship you O Jesus of the scars 

Kintsugi Hope is run by Patrick Regan OBE and exists to create safe and supportive spaces for those experiencing mental and emotional health challenges.

Kendrick has written and recorded hundreds of songs, many of which are well known around the world, including "Shine Jesus Shine," "Knowing You," "The Servant King," and "Amazing Love." He was one of the founders and the songwriter behind the global phenomenon March for Jesus, which has mobilised millions of Christians to 'take the walls of the church' and bring praise, prayer and acts of goodwill and reconciliation onto the streets.

Although based in the UK he travels extensively participating in local and international tours, festivals, conferences and training events, as a worship leader, speaker and performer. 


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