Taylor Pride's "Coming Down (feat. Megan Jackson)" is the Cure to Spiritual Amnesia

Taylor Pride

Singer and songwriter Taylor Pride releases his new single "Coming Down (feat. Megan Jackson)." This is Pride's 5th single released this year. "Coming Down" follows on the heels of "What Love is this?," "Broken Road," "Far Off Father," and "Faithful to Finish."   

Pride reveals how the song came about. "I have amnesia (spiritually-speaking): in moments of crises + difficulty, I often forget the fact that I belong to the KING of GLORY think about that: we are hidden and secure in this all-powerful Love--forever! To remind our forgetful hearts about this, my friend Ann and i recently wrote a song called `Coming Down'."

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Pride began his musical journey at a young age, where his mother taught him how to play piano. During his high school years, Pride started writing heartfelt songs and leading praise and worship at his local church. Once he graduated, he moved to Chicago to attend Wheaton College, where he sang alongside artists such as: Todd Dulaney and the Harlem Gospel Choir.

Nowadays, he writes worship songs that encourage us to shift our gaze from our present problems and onto timeless truths. So wherever you find yourself in this journey, consider this your invitation: to stop, and to listen. As you do so, let these songs direct your eyes to Him, nudging you towards His love-little by little, day by day.   


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