Jonas Brothers Reimagine Switchfoot’s “The Beautiful Letdown”

Jonas Brothers

Iconic two-time GRAMMY-nominated recording artists Jonas Brothers released their reimagined rendition of "The Beautiful Letdown," the beloved title track to Switchfoot's revered 2003 LP. This new recording will be included on 'The Beautiful Letdown (Our Version) [Deluxe Edition],' an upcoming 25-track celebration of 2003's breakthrough album 'The Beautiful Letdown' and features additional new recordings by OneRepublic's Ryan TedderJon BellionDayglowTwenty One Pilots' Tyler JosephIngrid Andress + more. 

Stream "The Beautiful Letdown (Jonas Brothers Version)" HERE 

"The Beautiful Letdown (Jonas Brothers Version)" retains the slow-burning intensity of the 2003 original while incorporating a string section to compliment the Jonas Brothers' trademark harmonies. Produced by longtime collaborator John Fields, the new track showcases the Jonas Brothers' vocal chemistry and highlights the band's reverence for Switchfoot's timeless songwriting. John Fields actually achieved his first mainstream success producing Switchfoot's 'The Beautiful Letdown' before working with the Jonas Brothers, making this track a full-circle moment for all involved. 

Speaking about the track, The Jonas Brothers noted: "We grew up listening to their album 'The Beautiful Letdown' and "Meant To Live" was a huge influence for us.  We've seen them a ton of times live and we always wanted to work with their music producer (John Fields).  "Twenty Four" was the first song that me (Joe) and Kevin ever played together.  This album has incredible significance for us on an emotional level but also sonically it was a big part of our sound.  We worked with John Fields who produced 'The Beautiful Letdown' and it was a dream come true for us. And the guys in the band have always been so supportive of us. Thank you for inspiring us and we are so happy to be part of this project singing one of our favorite songs "The Beautiful Letdown."

Switchfoot's Jon Foreman added: "The first time we met the Jonas Brothers was on our tour bus somewhere in the middle of the country. This was at least a decade ago and I had never heard of them before. (Apparently I live under a rock!) They seemed like wonderful, talented young men.  We were chatting for a while when they asked for advice. I gave them some sort of "follow your dreams and stay true to your heart" talk. The next week at the airport I saw them on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. I did a double take and started laughing. Not sure they needed my pep talk- (maybe they needed to give me one ha!) Years later, Joe and I wrote a song together and later that day he jumped up on stage to sing "Dare you to move" with us. From the beginning, I've been impressed by their musicality and talent. After a few texts back and forth, with Joe and the fellas- they decided that they wanted to take on the title track for this project. Not only that, but they wanted to work with a specific producer to recreate it: John Fields. This was fitting in so many ways. Not only had John produced many Jonas Brothers albums already, he was brought to their attention by producing The Beautiful Letdown the first time around. Such talented musicians-  I love the way this new version came out. We're so thankful to have the Jonas Brothers and John Fields represented here on this compilation. Legends!"


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