Open Heaven Releases New Song ‘"None Like You"

Open Heaven

Open Heaven releases their newest musical offering titled "None Like You."  Recorded live at Faith Life Church, the single was produced by Scott Mearig and co-written by Titus Chang, Amy Freudiger, Zach Traylor, Erik Parise and Alexis Keesee.  The song is available today on all digital retail and streaming service providers via DREAM Worship. 

Worship Pastor Amy Freudiger explains the heart behind the song by saying, "During a time of prophetic worship we started spontaneously singing the bridge of this song. It was this incredible moment of ascribing God the worth and value He deserves."

Later, the writing team got together for a Bible study and the rest of the song came. "We were sharing about attributes of God that we have experienced in our lives, and the song kept building from our collective experiences," says Titus Chang, one of the writers. "We also read the scripture from 2 Samuel 7:22, which says, 'Therefore you are great, O Lord God. For there is none like you, and there is no God besides you, according to all that we have heard with our ears.'"

Amy says, "We were talking about how no other pursuit or treasure in this life can come close to how awesome it is to serve the Lord. In that moment of seeking Him, we all were just worshipping along to this new song and getting emotional. I think we need more songs like this in the churches."

Open Heaven is a contemporary worship collective based out of Faith Life Church in Columbus, Ohio (Pastors Gary and Drenda Keesee). With music rooted in pop and rock sounds, mixed with the power of worship, Open Heaven's latest single "None Like You" released September 22, 2023. Led by Amy Freudiger and accompanied by other worship leaders and songwriters, Open Heaven's mission has always been to inspire an atmosphere in which the miraculous can happen and all eyes are on Jesus. 

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