Best Worship Songs of 2023


Here's our top 10 worship songs for 2023:

10. "Isn't He Beautiful" by Bethel Music featuring Brian Johnson

The contrast between the reflective verses and the anthem-level intense chorus makes this a compelling ballad. And when Brian Johnson sings about the beauty of Christ expressed in his love for us, it makes this song a must-hear.

9. "Where Would I Be?" by Christy Nockels

If there's a modern equivalent of blood-centric hymns such as "There is Fountain" and "Nothing But the Blood," it's Nockels' "Where Would I Be?" Reverent in the song's execution and heartfelt in her delivery, Nockels brings out the song's piercing questions: Where would I be without the blood?/Where would I be without your love?/ You took my place on Calvary/Without your blood, where would I be"?

8. "Now That I Know You" by CAIN

Why are we so afraid of the storms of life? Why are we constantly worried? According to CAIN, it's because we don't know God enough. And that's excellent theology.

7. "Creator" by Phil Wickham

Many people often lament over the lack of modern hymns. Wickham knows that; he writes hymns grounded in poetic lyrics grounded in Scripture yet emotionally expressive for us to engage with.

6. "Here is Our Surrender" by REVERE featuring Steph and Mitch Wong

He is riding the crest of one of Music Row's most sought-after scribes. She, the lady behind the man, finally steps forward with her debut appearance. Together, the Wongs make a compelling case for why surrendering to Jesus is a key to our joy. 

 5. "Even in Our Age (Psalm 71)" by Aaron Shust

Growing old is an issue no one of us can avoid. The Bible addresses it. Yet, there are no worship songs that address it. "Even in Our Age (Psalm 71)" fills that void and serves it well. 

4. "Shadow of Shaddai" by Steffany Gretzinger

Amy Grant isn't the only one to sing about our Shaddai. Gretzinger's new composition is consistent in comparison. Gretzinger pours her soul into this ballad that speaks of God's providence. Immensely tender and wonderfully thoughtful. I believe every word she sings.

3. "Halfway Empty" by Matt Redman

The scribe behind "10,000 Reasons" is back with this monumental anthem that speaks of the inexhaustibility of God's grace. Thumping rhythmic, exceptionally catchy, and poetically contemplative, you can't fault Redman when writing solid worship songs.

2." Calvary's Enough" by Brooke Ligertwood

You can never run out of songs that glorify the Savior and the Cross. She gave us "Lead Me to the Cross;" now there's "Calvary's Enough." This isn't redundant; it is a necessity. 

1." Holy, the Lord Most High" by REVERE featuring Laura Hackett Park

You don't need much to impress. Accompanied only by a piano and with a running time of only a tad over 3 minutes, there are no ad-libs or constant repeats of hooks. Park praises Jesus, yet it's so alluring. No words can describe it; listen.


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