for KING + COUNTRY & Michael W. Smith's "Place In This World" Debuts at #1


"Place In This World," the brand new duet by for KING + COUNTRY & Michael W. Smith, debuts at #1 on Billboard's Christian Digital Sales Chart this week. Smith recorded the song himself 34 years ago.

This newly recorded duet version is the first song released on the soundtrack for the upcoming film, Unsung Hero. The movie tells the story of how Luke and Joel Smallbone's mother and father immigrated to America from Australia and raised 6 kids (including this duo and their sister Rebecca St. James) to start a new life.

The lyrics of this song perfectly capture the journey of the Smallbone family's heart in this movie.

"The wind is moving but I am standing still. A life of pages waiting to be filled. A heart that's hopeful, a head that's full of dreams. But this becoming is harder than it seems. Feels like I'm, looking for a reason, roaming through the night to find, my place in this world." 

This is just the first of many "inspired-by" songs that will be on an upcoming album from for KING + COUNTRY. Find out how to buy tickets to see Unsung Hero here.




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