Linda Boles Discusses the New Chapter in Her Career and Her New Music

Linda Boles

Linda Boles' journey in music spans decades, from her roots in her family's bluegrass band, The Darden Family, to her significant contributions in various genres, including folk and rock. Her life experiences, including personal tragedies and triumphs, have deeply influenced her songwriting, making her music resonate with authenticity and passion.

Boles' partnership with Homegrown Worship as her producer ushers in a new chapter in her mission to convey God's message through music. With her new single "Unborn," she hopes to touch hearts and minds worldwide, promoting a message of love, life, and hope.

Listen to "UNBORN:" 

Q: Could you please tell us about yourself and your current ministry?

When I was growing up, music was the center of my universe. My daddy was a country music songwriter and played guitar. He had a recording studio set up in our garage and would have me sing his songs for the recordings he would pitch in Nashville. I was good at harmony and would harmonize with myself on some of his songs. In elementary school, I can remember going to school with my hair in curlers if we were preparing for a show later in the day. We didn't have a hair dryer back then. I was fine performing in front of lots of people but too shy in school to raise my hand to ask a question. I was not a very good student and cringed at the thought of being called on in class. But I could sing, and sing I did. My brother played guitar and we sang duets of country songs when we performed with our family band, The Darden Family. We always practiced after supper with my momma and daddy joining in.

My brother was 3 ½ years older than me and he joined the Marines in the 60's and went off to fight in the Vietnam War. Those were difficult times, and I took up the guitar and started performing in coffeehouses that were sponsored by local churches. Thankfully, he returned from the war and then joined a rock band in 1969 called Black River Circus. I became the girl singer in the band. We performed at naval bases in Tidewater, VA and at local clubs. We traveled to Cuba and performed for the military troops.

Later, I married the bass player, had a baby, and settled down to help my husband run his music store and teach piano lessons. My young husband died unexpectedly in 1982 and God began inspiring me to write songs. Doors began to open for me to share my songs and testimony of God's faithfulness.

Life happened and things changed, and I decided to go to school and prove to myself that I could be successful on the academic stage. My struggling school years had left me with low selfesteem. When I achieved my bachelor's and master's degrees and graduated with high honors, it gave me a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I was extremely honored to serve as a music teacher for 42 years before retiring in 2017.

In February 2023, God spoke to me and reminded me of the book of songs He had inspired me to write so long ago. The dusty book sat on the shelf through my teaching years, and I had forgotten all about it. God told me to share the songs He had given me. So, the journey of social media began as I started recording myself playing piano and singing with my phone and posted the videos to Facebook and other social media sites. Every day I would ask God what He wanted me to share and would follow His leading to the best of my ability.

My music ministry is pretty simple. God told me to share and that is what I am going to do. As I have revisited the songs that I wrote in the 80's and 90's, I understand why God asked me to share them with the world. God's message of love, hope and faith is clear and deserves to be heard.

God is still inspiring me to write songs of faith, hope and love. We have only just begun! Stay tuned!!

Q: I have read that you have been involved in many genres of music over the years. How would you describe your current sound and vision of music?

This is an interesting question and thought provoking. My producer compared some of my songs to Carly Simon meets Carole King or in the genre of Keith Green. That was nice to hear because I love those artists. I posted the question to my followers and received several responses. Anita Owen said, "Linda Boles' music is up-tempo, lyrical, faith and message-based contemporary gospel (That is the best I could do since her music is beautiful and indescribable!)" Debra Thompsom said, "Linda Boles' music is soothing, heartfelt and enjoyable!" Fran Hardy Rogers said, "Linda Boles sings what we can't express-so it makes her very relatable-I feel it is what drew me to keep following her!" I love these comments and believe that my music is inspired by God and His continued faithfulness throughout my life.

Music is an incredibly powerful tool God has given us. Instrumental music alone can inspire our hearts and bring about any human emotion from laughter to tears. Combined with lyrics that express God's message of love, truth and faith, music can have a positive impact on the world.

Q: How did you come to work with Andy Baker and Homegrown Worship?

I met Andy Baker and Homegrown Worship in May 2023 while searching the internet for places to share my music. I filled out the application on the Homegrown Worship site and it asked me to share an MP3 file of a song. I didn't know how to make or submit an MP3 file, but I did have a YouTube channel. Andy was willing to check out my YouTube channel and he liked what he saw and heard. That was the beginning of our collaboration to prepare my songs for a global market. God in His wisdom had orchestrated this partnership and I have been totally blessed to have the opportunity to work with Andy and his team at Homegrown Worship.

Q: Can you share with us how your new song "Unborn" was born?

UNBORN was one of the first songs I wrote in 1982. It was copyrighted in September of that year. God started inspiring me to write songs after my first husband died at the break of dawn on the first day of spring. There was a lot of talk about women's rights, but I couldn't help but think about the innocent child who was being sacrificed at the altar of convenience. Jeremiah 1:5 says that God knew us even before we were formed in the womb. He had a plan for our lives before we were made. Psalm 139:15-16 states that all of our days were written down in a book before one of them came to be.

UNBORN was inspired by God and written from the voice of the unborn child. A voice expressing the wonder of expectation for what it might be like to grow up and do the things that children do while fulfilling the purpose that God has for the child's life.

Q: Why is the issue of sanctity of life important to you?

The word sanctity means sacred. To be sacred means to be worthy of awe and respect. Life is sacred and as long as there is life, there is hope. I wrote another song entitled "I Have a Heart" which is about every human being having a heart and a right to live no matter what limitations their physical body may have. I read an article a long time ago that spoke about when children were born with deformities, they were left in a room alone to die. They were not fed or comforted, just left to die. I don't have the article or proof that this happened, but it was the inspiration for this song.

"I Have a Heart"

I have no hands I have no feet I have no voice I cannot speak

But in my eyes the story's told My very life it has been sold

You say my life has little worth I am an accident of birth

Too many trials to overcome and so you leave me on my own

Without your help I cannot live and yet I have so much to give

It's sad to think I have no choice My heart cries won't you hear its voice

I have a heart I have a reason to live and in due season who can tell what I might do for all of you

Q: Regarding new music, what can fans look forward to soon?

My first song, UNBORN, released on December 8th , is written from the voice of the unborn child and is uplifting and powerful. It is my prayer that UNBORN will be heard in every corner of the world to inspire the hearts of men and women regarding the value of human life.

LONG BEFORE I START released on January 19th and is a song about prayer and how God meets us right where we are and knows what we will say even before we begin to pray.

THE MISSIONARY will release in February 2024 and is a story about my first husband who was an insurance salesman but had the heart of a missionary. We're not all called to go to far-off places to serve as missionaries, but I believe we can be missionaries right where we are.

THE MASTER'S CALL is inspired by God's written word inspiring us to join together to follow God's direction and sing praises with all of our heart as we lift up His Holy Name. The release date is set for March 2024.

These songs once released are available on all streaming platforms and my Rocket Fuel Page. There are many more wonderful songs that I would love to produce for a global audience when the needed funds are available.

My Rocket Fuel Page is set up to enable my friends, followers, and fans to participate in my Project God Share mission to share God's light with the world through the music He has given. Please go to to find more information about my ministry, purchase products, donate and subscribe.

Q: How do you hope your songs will impact the lives and faith of your listeners?

God's message is clear throughout all my songwriting. His love is everlasting and true, and He would never leave or forsake His precious children. We are a broken people living in a broken world and Jesus came to redeem us and bring us out of the darkness into His glorious light.

God gave us a tremendous gift when He created us in His own image and with free will. He loved us enough to let us choose the path we would follow. When we invite Jesus into our hearts, the Holy Spirit is with us always to guide and help us. We carry His light and have a responsibility to share His light wherever we go and with whoever crosses our path.

The message of my songs is to inspire my listeners to know Jesus and to be God's hands and feet and share His light with the world. 

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