Anchor Hymns Places a Modern Echo to an Old Hymn with "Where Else Can I Go"

Anchor Hymns

Embarking on a journey through time-honored melodies, Anchor Hymns introduces their new single, "Where Else Can I Go," a modern echo to an old hymn. The song resonates with profound historical undertones, having been recorded in an old mansion that bears the weight of America's past as the headquarters for the Confederate Army during the Battle of Nashville.  

Listen to "Where Else Can I Go" HERE.

At a time when uncertainties cloud the horizon, the artists share their personal awakening in the song's lyrics."Time after time, we have come up short," the band confesses, leading to the realization that only at "the foot of the cross of Jesus," can one find true refuge. The heartfelt question posed in their lyrics, "My Lord, where else can we go?" speaks to the soul's deep yearning for something greater.

With their new release, Anchor Hymns aspires to imprint this significant message within the hearts of worshipers. Written for ease of singing and joy in playing, the song is an invitation to carry the query "My Lord, where else can I go?" into everyday life, nudging the faithful toward reflection and a steadfast gaze upon God.

"Bringing these songs of hope and freedom to a place with such a history of darkness" was a powerful experience for the artists, enriching the single's release with layers of depth and meaning.  

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