Jaime Jamgochian Reveals Why "Sacred Surrender" is Both Her Album's and Life's Theme

Jaime Jamgochian

Boasting a lineup of genre-spanning special guests, Sacred Surrender is set to bow March 22 from Dove Award-nominated singer/songwriter Jaime Jamgochian. Featuring collaborations with some of the artist's longtime friends and peers, including beloved trio Selah; singer/songwriter Ginny Owens; Christian radio favorite Citizen Way; Southern Gospel standout Joseph Habedank, and The Belonging Co worship leader and singer/songwriter Andrew Holt, Sacred Surrender marks Jamgochian's first release in nearly four years. 
With 10 tracks all co-penned by Jamgochian, the album features songwriting contributions from Kenna Turner West, Citizen Way's Ben Calhoun, Rebekah White, Jay Speight and Selah's Todd Smith, among others. Sacred Surrender was produced by Andrew Bergthold (We the Kingdom), John Strandell, Tommy Iceland (Poets & Prophets), Chris Bevins, and Mckendree Tucker. 

Q: Jamie, thank you for doing this interview with us. I have read that you were struggling with Lyme disease. What's Lyme disease, and how did that affect you physically?

Yes, I walked through a really hard season navigating chronic Lyme disease. It's a tick-borne illness caused by the bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi. These bacteria are carried by the black-legged tick, also known as the deer tick. When an infected tick bites you, it can transfer bacteria under the skin, leading to infection. If you catch it early on, sometimes antibiotics work. Most people don't know they were ever bitten, and this is when Lyme disease can become chronic, causing serious issues leading to long term health problems and reduced quality of life.

I didn't really know what was wrong with me for a long time. I have the type of personality to keep pushing through, but that is not always wise. I went from doctor to doctor for years and nobody could properly figure out my diagnosis. I had severe chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr virus, mold toxicity issues, and the worst headaches you can imagine. I pushed through that for a long time until it became neurological, and then a doctor diagnosed it as late-stage Lyme disease. I tried many different treatments for years and finally found a clinic in Huntington, New York, when I was at my lowest point with the disease, and they helped me overcome it.

Q: Share with us how God has been leading you through recovery.

I can honestly say that the Lord has been so near in the entire process. It was not and still is not easy. People can think I look great-happy and full of life-but the effects of chronic illness can sneak up on you in various ways. I have had to change my daily schedule and life quite a bit. The good news is there is treatment, and you can get on the other side of it. 

I feel like I learned how to trust God in a new way- how to see beauty even in suffering-because I've learned how to persevere. I think it also grows your compassion for other people who are walking down really hard roads. I have learned to love people even when I don't understand what they have walked through or are walking through. The Lord has taught me how to see people beyond how they appear on the outside. 

Q: I am excited that you have a new album coming out. Why did you call the record "Sacred Surrender"?

I am so excited for my album to release! I think my theme for the last five years-since getting sick in 2019 and then experiencing the Covid lockdowns-has been living completely surrendered to the Lord.

When I first came to the Lord at 21 years of age, He invited me to surrender everything to Him-all my hopes, dreams and desires. I never could have imagined what the last 20+ years would have looked like. He went above and beyond all I could have asked, dreamed or desired in so many ways. Then in 2019 when I got really sick, I felt like I had to lay down everything that was near and dear to my heart. I moved back home from Nashville to Boston to stay with my family; I resigned from a church position I was thriving in; and I laid down all my musical dreams of ever recording or touring again. I also had to sell my beautiful condo because we were concerned it might have had mold issues. It just felt like I was surrendering and laying things down, one after another.

When I started co-writing for this album, a theme that kept coming up was my walk through this season of surrender. When I went into the studio to record the last track we still didn't have an album title, but we knew we wanted some flowing, live spontaneous worship music to close the project. One of my favorite things to do is just play piano, worship and sing whatever comes on my heart, so we began tracking that with live strings and the theme of surrender kept coming out of my mouth and heart.

Later that week a few friends and I were talking about the project, and I told them the whole album has felt like such a gift from God. We decided Sacred Surrender was the right title, both for the last track and the album. It has been a holy and sacred journey of so many ups and downs with the Lord, but through it all He has been there with me and so faithful.

Q: You have a long line of special guests on this album. How did you decide who to work with?

Yes, I love collaborating with other artists. Many of the guests on this album are people I co-wrote these songs with. I never set out to have so many collaborations, but it happened organically.

I wrote "Our Father" with Todd Smith of Selah. He's a longtime friend, and I did some tour dates with Selah many years ago. He sounded so amazing on the demo that we asked Selah to join me on the song.

For "Visions," with Andrew Holt, the worship pastor at The Belonging Co-the church I have been part of since it launched-I wanted someone from my roots at the church to be part of that special worship song.

Ginny Owens and I have known each other for years, so I was really excited when my music publisher suggested she sing "By Heart" with me, and then when it came to "If God Wrote A Song," I thought it would be cool to have a Southern Gospel artist on it. My producer suggested Joseph Habedank, and I loved the idea. He was so much fun to record with!

Q: I have read that you have joined the Belonging Co. and that you are leading worship there. How did that come about?     

I have had the honor of being part of The Belonging Co since it launched in a basement with my pastors and 12 other people! I served on staff for many years as the New Christians Pastor and I really love and believe in what God is doing there. After I got sick with Lyme I resigned, but then God opened-up a brand-new season of touring and itinerant ministry for me. I am still part of the church and love seeing all God is doing there.

Q: How do you hope these new songs will impact the lives of your listeners?

My greatest prayer is that these songs offer hope and healing to those who are really suffering right now. Life can be hard at times and most of these songs are for people who need to be reminded that God is with them and for them, and that He has a great plan for their lives. I hope the music brings people closer to God and who He says we are-His beloved sons and daughters.

Sacred Surrender will be distributed by Wings Music Group and New Day Christian Distributors. For more information, visit or Follow Jamgochian on Instagram and Facebook.   


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