Scotty McCreery on Releasing "Red Letter Blueprint:" "My Faith is Everything to Me"

Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery has never been one to shy away from sharing his faith, even expressing the duality of his spirituality on his No. 1 hit song "In Between" where he sang "I ain't all Holy water and I ain't all Jim Beam...I'm somewhere in between."  McCreery is getting personal again with today's release of his latest track, "Red Letter Blueprint," from his upcoming album Rise and Fall, out May 10th. Listen to "Red Letter Blueprint" HERE.
"My faith is everything to me," said McCreery. "It's held me up during my lows, and it's been with me when I celebrate my highs. This new album was influenced by the rises and falls in my life through the years, so I wanted to sing about what sustains me. I've featured songs about my wife and my son, but I also wanted to share a song about my faith. I hope it is comforting to anyone who may need to hear these words."   
Written by McCreery with Derek George, Brent Anderson, Jeremy Bussey and Monty Criswell, "Red Letter Blueprint" is about taking solace in the belief that no matter how far away true peace seems, the path to get there is clearly marked. Building from a tender piano melody and McCreery's convicted yet empathetic vocals, this insightful ballad about inner strength and encouragement finds him leaning on the comforting clarity of eternal faith:

       Where can you go when you ain't getting nowhere 
       Every turn is a dead-end road 
       The rain starts to fall and you're so lost out there 
       Really only one place I know 
       When your whole world falls to pieces 
       And you don't know how to build it back 
       There's a red letter blueprint in King James black
McCreery is set to return to Talk Shop Live this Tuesday, April 2 at 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT in support of Rise and Fall. During his live appearance, which will be hosted by Storme Warren, the country crooner will perform new songs from the album and answer viewer questions while fans will be able to pre-order autographed CDs and vinyl. Tune in here: 
McCreery will also make his first-ever appearance at Nashville's famed Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival on Wednesday, April 3 at 9:00 PM CT. He will join a guitar pull at The Listening Room along with Ingrid Andress and Benjy Davis, as well as Chase McGill who co-wrote "Stuck Behind a Tractor" with McCreery and Rhett Akins that is featured on McCreery's upcoming Rise and Fall album. For more information on the sold-out show and Tin Pan South, visit
Rise and Fall will feature 13 tracks that find him exploring themes of heartbreak, rowdy nights, nostalgia, faith, newfound joy, fatherhood and enduring love, resulting in a project full of insightful storytelling that includes his current Top 10 and rising single "Cab in a Solo." The album, coming out May 10, was produced by McCreery's longtime production team of Frank Rogers, Derek Wells and Aaron Eshuis.
McCreery co-wrote 12 of the 13 songs on the album, which will be released digitally as well as on CD and vinyl. In addition, Amazon will release a limited edition, forest green vinyl version of the album.

  • Pre-order/pre-save Rise and Fall HERE
  • Pre-order autographed vinyl and CDs of Rise and Fall HERE

"I know every artist says it, but this is truly my favorite album I've made so far," shares McCreery. "I wanted to create an album that reflected the music I grew up on and wasn't chasing trends. So, I brought several of my songwriting buddies to the mountains of North Carolina to sit down and write a full-on country album that told a story, start to finish, and spoke to my soul. We've been performing most of the album live on the road and the response from the audiences has been overwhelming. I can't wait for everyone to hear Rise and Fall when it comes out May 10th."
The North Carolina native knows all too well there's a rhythm to life and a cycle of ups and downs. And right now, he's on the upswing.
Now 30 years old and a seasoned country music veteran selling out concerts across the globe with five consecutive No. 1 hits under his belt, McCreery is also a dedicated husband and father, welcoming a son named Avery in 2022, whose impact on the singer is highlighted in several songs on the album. Recently, he even celebrated the milestone of all milestones for a guy who grew up on Randy Travis, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Ronnie Milsap; he was invited by his musical hero Garth Brooks to become the newest member of the iconic Grand Ole Opry. McCreery's induction will take place on April 20 with another of his heroes, Josh Turner, officially welcoming him into the Opry family.
But folks like McCreery know it means more when you've seen the other side. For him, each highlight has come in contrast to a challenge - things like the loss of his first record deal and the year of naysaying uncertainty that followed before he built himself up again, brick by brick. As a result, Rise and Fall comes from an artist who knows to appreciate the ride - no matter where it leads.
"I feel like we're on the rise now, but I've fallen pretty low as well," McCreery admits. "I learned from every little part of that, and it helped me to know who I was as a person - let alone an artist. The rises and the falls helped craft these songs. They made this album what it is."
"Red Letter Blueprint" is the fifth song released from the album, following lead single "Cab in a Solo" (currently Top 10 and rising) and tracks "Slow Dance," "Can't Pass the Bar" and "Love Like This." A full listing of the album's songs follows.
Rise and Fall track listing 
(Songwriters in parentheses)

  1. Little More Gone (Scotty McCreery, Brent Anderson, Derek George, Frank Rogers, Bobby Hamrick, Jeremy Bussey, Monty Criswell)
  2. Cab in a Solo (Scotty McCreery, Brent Anderson, Frank Rogers)
  3. Lonely (Scotty McCreery, Brent Anderson, Derek George, Frank Rogers, Bobby Hamrick, Jeremy Bussey, Monty Criswell)
  4. Can't Pass the Bar (Scotty McCreery, Brent Anderson, Cale Dodds, Frank Rogers)
  5. Hey Rose (Jay Brunswick, Jeremy Bussey, Bobby Hamrick)
  6. Fall of Summer (Scotty McCreery, Brent Anderson, Derek George, Frank Rogers, Monty Criswell)
  7. Love Like This (Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, Aaron Eshuis)
  8. Slow Dance (Scotty McCreery, Brent Anderson, Derek George, Monty Criswell)
  9. No Country for Old Men (Scotty McCreery, Brent Anderson, Derek George, Frank Rogers, Monty Criswell)
  10. And Countin' (Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, Bobby Hamrick, Jeremy Bussey)
  11. Stuck Behind a Tractor (Scotty McCreery, Chase McGill, Rhett Akins)
  12. Red Letter Blueprint (Scotty McCreery, Derek George, Brent Anderson, Jeremy Bussey, Monty Criswell)
  13. Porch (Scotty McCreery, Greylan James, Heather Morgan)

Lyrics and credits available for download HERE.
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