We Are Messengers' Darren Mulligan Opens Up About His New Album & Working with Blanca & Ben Fuller

We Are Messengers

We Are Messengers has recently released its fourth studio effort, Where The Joy Is. You can listen/download the album HERE. The album boasts 10 pristine, arena-ready pop selections --- all co-written by frontman Darren Mulligan alongside an array of the industry's most respected songwriters, including Jeff Pardo, Jordan Sapp, Ethan Hulse, Hank Bentley, and Kyle Williams, among others.

Moreover, the release features standout collaborations with newcomer Ben Fuller and We Are Messengers' labelmate, Blanca. Overall, the band embraces gratitude and the simplicity of the Gospel on Where The Joy Is, radiating as much exuberance as the title suggests.

Q: Darren, thank you for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on the release of your new album. Did you have a message or theme you want the album to say when making the record?

Thanks so much. Yes, we were very intentional in creating this album with a clear and consistent sonic, theological and ideological identity.

We wanted to attempt to capture a sound that expressed that excitement and passion in our hearts. We wanted these songs to be a soundtrack to people's lives as they walk towards joy in Jesus.

Q: You have partnered with many co-songwriters on this record. Can you share a story about how one of these songwriting sessions has challenged you personally?

The title track, "Where The Joy Is" sets the tone for the whole record. The challenge was to find a way to weave the complexity of a life that is filled with heartache and beauty at the same time. I tried to craft a lyrical and melodious tapestry that lets the listener come to the conclusion that joy is something possible to attain and enjoy.

This is a lot harder to achieve than it sounds. In my experience, the hardest songs to write are the up-tempo, joy filled ones.

Q: I love your song "God Be The Glory." In the song, you sing, "When the ground beneath my feet, Is shaking like a leaf, God, You're still good to me." Can you recall a time in your life when those words had become a reality?

Walking with Jesus is beautiful. But, as everyone knows, that doesn't mean you're immune to pain or struggles.

While we've been out on the road, we've experienced a couple of terrible tragedies and really heartbreaking experiences. During these times, the ground, my heart and my faith have literally trembled. Years later, you can look back and see that God has been good throughout all of it.

Q: I also love the song you performed with Ben Fuller. Tell us more about "I Found Rest."

Personally, I've always struggled with finding peace and rest in my life. I've tried everything along the way. However, the only place I've found that true rest is in the steady presence of Jesus as revealed in the scriptures and through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

This kind of rest is based not on my goodness, or lack thereof - rather it comes from the sufficiency of Jesus and the life He has bought for us through His death and resurrection.

Ben has a similar experience with his Jesus walk and was the perfect fit for this track. I'm thankful for the man he is, a man whose words match the life he lives and the love he has for Jesus.

Q: How, then, did you get to sing with Blanca? What was it like to record and work with her?

Blanca is an incredible artist, vocalist, and person. She has added so much energy to the song "My Hope Is In You".

It's beautiful to watch Blanca consistently follow and faithfully lean on Jesus regardless of the ups and downs in this messy world.

Q: I believe you are currently on tour and will be busy touring for the rest of the year. What can fans look forward to as they come to see you perform?

Honestly, we absolutely love our audience. They might think they're coming to the concert to see us - but, in reality, we've come all the way to their city to see them.

There's nothing better than to watch the lights come on in peoples' eyes - when they come to the realization that this joy of the Lord they have heard about is not for somebody else but for them.

Our concerts tend to cover the whole gamut of human emotions. People can expect much laughter, singing, shouting, dancing, tears, and a brilliant night out. 


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