11th Hour's Amber Eppinette Saunders Reveals Why their New Album is their Most Personal Project

11th Hour

11th Hour has released their new album, That's Who He Is. The album builds on the decade of successes embodied in last year's A Collection of Hits to offer an album that blends full-throated proclamations of God's strength and intimate meditations on doubt and faith, presented in a set of arrangements that range across equally broad musical ground.

Yet each song, whether it's given a straightforward Southern Gospel treatment or a more contemporary setting, is a vivid example of the inspired creativity and abundant talent for which 11th Hour has been known since their earliest days. 

We are honored to be able to catch up with Amber Eppinette Saunders to talk about the new album.

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us. When you were making "That's Who He Is," what kinds of songs were you looking for?

We of course always try to find or look for what's relevant to our stories at the moment of the search in hopes to encourage the listener as we're encouraging ourselves. We pray for wisdom, guidance, and God always gives favor in the process. We're thankful.  

Q: In the press release, the album is described as a most "personal project" for the group. Why is this so?

It is so hard to define with words but I will give some examples.... 

  • One example is Victoria and her pregnancy. Her and Aaron have been trying for over 8.5 years for children and when she recorded "Still Faithful" and her verse on "He Will Hold Me Fast", she had no idea what God was about to give her (a desire of her and her husband's heart).
  • "At the Sound of a Sinner's Prayers" was written with a family member particularly in mind (second verse) in hopes that one day God will intervene and move in their life.

Q:  What were some of the highlights in making this record?

Most definitely writing with some of our best friends. Also, watching the music process come to life. It's one thing to have a rough demo of your song but to hear them when the full recording session is over, there's nothing like it. 

Q: I love the single "Dear Heavenly Father." Can you tell us more about the song?

This song was written by my husband, Garrett Saunders, who also is the featured vocalist on the song along with Nathan Woodard. This song is definitely one that everyone can relate to and is a sweet reminder that we have access to the Father that cares for us and is there no matter what time of day or night.   

Q: This album speaks about who Jesus is; what new insights have you gained about our Lord after making this new album?

We have learned, especially through this album, that Jesus is always there and present in your time of need. Whether you're needing a friend to comfort you, a provider, or a defender, that's who Jesus is! 

Q: What can fans look out for as they see guys perform this summer and beyond?

They will definitely get to see these songs come even more to life when they come to see a live concert!

To stream/download the new album, click HERE.



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