Zane & Donna King on their Children's Struggles with Addiction & the Making of their New Album

Zane & Donna King

Everything Good, the highly anticipated new recording from Dove and Singing News Fan Award-nominated husband/wife duo Zane & Donna King, bows May 31 from StowTown Records. Carrying overarching themes of joy and peace, the album is a testimony to God's faithfulness in the couple's lives following a difficult season of walking with two of their children through addiction and recovery.  
Produced by Zane & Donna King, Everything Good features 12 inspirational country, worship and roots-gospel influenced tracks. Collaborating with a range of genre-leading songwriters, Donna co-penned every selection on the album, while seven songs were co-written by Zane.  

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on your new album; how did you get to work with StowTown Records? 

DONNA: We've known this team for years through our mutual work in the music industry. We have seen not just their work ethic, but their heart for music and the message it brings. I have been songwriting for Sunset Gallery Music for several years, and Joel Lindsey and Wayne Haun-a co-owner of StowTown-are a big part of the publishing world too as renowned and award-winning songwriters. In all the back and forth of songs and songwriting, Zane and I began to chat and pray over signing with StowTown as artists. The label owners are industry veterans, but they are also kind, passionate and driven to see lives changed through the music that comes out of this label family. That, for us, was the hugest draw. We are blessed to be a part of what is happening at StowTown. 

Q: Some of the songs deal with your children and their struggles with addiction. What happened there?

DONNA: Like many other parents, we have walked the road of addiction with two of our six children. Both are living miracles, and what we learned as we journeyed through the disease of addiction is something we feel deeply called to share with others. This isn't an experience we would wish upon anyone; however, many will go through it or have gone through it. We learned we cannot fix our children, but God can. We cannot control any outcome, but God can. We could not heal them ourselves, but God had work to do in all of us and our job was to focus on what He was doing in us. As we surrendered our grip on our kids, it was amazing how God began to draw them to their own recovery. It is a beautiful thing.

We also found community in a parent's group every Tuesday night in a church basement in Nashville. This is where the song "From the Basement to The Altar" was born. Our prayer is that our songs offer a hopeful reminder that letting go and letting God is the answer, not just under these circumstances, but in everything we face in this life. 

Q: How did you process through this spiritually and emotionally for yourself and your children? 

ZANE: Learning the Serenity Prayer was one of the greatest game-changers in navigating the early challenges we were facing with our children. It is one thing to know the words of this powerful prayer, it is another to then daily practice these words and actions. It wasn't natural at first to pray for serenity, but little by little, prayer by prayer, we began to understand and experience each aspect of it. And today, we still start our day by saying, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Q: How are they now? 

DONNA: One is married. One is engaged. Both are gainfully employed and amazingly talented in their careers. Both are celebrating years of freedom from the grip of addiction. Both are literal gifts to our family. Though they are still young at 30 and 26 years of age, they have a wisdom that comes with what they have walked through, and this is good for all of us in our big, beautiful family. 

Q: How has this season been reflected in the new album?

DONNA: Walking through that season allowed us to own the fact that the Christian life doesn't offer us a daily dose of sunshine and roses, but of grace and mercy. It does not promise us life will be easy. Instead, it promises us that we will not walk through it alone. God is FAITHFUL, period. His faithfulness is not contingent on our lives being perfect, but on the truth that His ways are perfect and that He is GOOD...always. We hope that these songs, written from our experiences of who God is, offer that message and hope to others. 

Q: What are some of the highlights of making this new record?

ZANE: Several years ago, we began releasing singles with StowTown Records, and it felt incredible to have the support of the label family. These songs were our "babies," and someone wanted to step in and help our babies grow and thrive. After several successful songs at radio, we began to dream about a full album. This was mainly born out of the desire to expand the reach of our ministry as we returned to the road in a wider capacity. We had only taken a handful of dates during Covid and through the season when Donna cared for her ailing mom. Over the last couple years, we started writing songs that we believed complimented our existing songs and reflected how God had been showing up in our daily lives.

We've been so grateful to be able to work with some of the finest musicians and creatives in the industry to help bring this album to life. There were times when it felt like the finish line was a little blurry, but we kept going! It was worth every effort to be able to offer this music that hopefully will uplift all who listen.

Q: How can these new songs help listeners who are struggling?

ZANE: We love writing songs that have meaningful and life-giving messages, and they make you feel better at the same time. Taking a serious thought and giving it a lively acoustic and upbeat sound musically is something we do a lot with our music. We hope and pray that each song on this album not only offers hope and peace to those who are struggling but makes their journey just a little smoother and their burden a little lighter. 

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