Linda Boles Reminds Us of God's Guidance with "The Master's Call"

Linda Boles

Linda Boles, an artist renowned for her heartfelt and faith-driven music, releases her latest single, "The Master's Call," to Christian radio. This inspirational track is a poignant reminder of divine guidance and unity in faith.

Born into a lineage steeped in the rich traditions of bluegrass, Linda's life has always been cradled in melodies and hymns, a calling that came as naturally as the sunrise. Her journey, marked by personal loss and spiritual renewal, has transformed her music into a beacon of hope and resilience. The sudden loss of her first husband became a turning point, guiding her to create songs that reflect God's faithfulness and comfort.

"The Master's Call" encapsulates this journey, inviting listeners to praise, love, and serve the Lord together. Produced by Andy Baker and released under Homegrown Worship, this song is a heartfelt testament to Linda's unwavering faith and commitment to spreading God's love. With lyrics that encourage unity and worship, Linda's music bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary, resonating with audiences across generations.

With over four decades dedicated to music and ministry, Linda's achievements are measured not in accolades but in the lives she's touched and the hearts she's lifted. Influenced by genres from bluegrass to folk and rock, her music continues to inspire and uplift. As she releases "The Master's Call" to Christian radio, Linda's story of faith and perseverance shines through, reminding us all of the enduring power of divine inspiration.

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