GTA 5 on Pc Release Date: Most probable date is 14th November 2014!

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GTA 5 on Pc Release Date: Most probable date is 14th November 2014!

Grand Theft Auto 5 in short known as GTA 5 is going to be released soon. It has been officially announced that this version of GTA is available in most of the operating systems. The best-suited version of PC of GTA 5 will be available online to be downloaded by the fans. GTA 5 is in full development, which has been mentioned by the officials. The most expected games has good & familiar graphics, which will show the city of Los Santos. This will include the surrounding things appeared in usual life. There are hills, beaches, and other countryside views too.

Not only on PC, but also on Xbox and PlayStation, it will be available. The hard-core fans will be able to watch the trailer of GTA 5, which will unveil some very exciting things regarding this particular version. As per prior announcement, this new version of this game was supposed to be released in this autumn. The date will not be changed, which has been confirmed by the developers.

Though there has not been any particular declaration regarding the delay of the release date, some rumors are making the GTA fans confused on this issue. For better hardware performance in its each and every platform of GTA 5, there have been some major changes by the developers. The trailer of this particular game will show the fans that how much the graphics has been changed. The water effects, trees, traffics, characters, etc. have got changes. There will be more traffic in this version with additional vegetation too.

Moreover, the interface will be much more realistic. More probably, it is going to be released in November 14, 2014. The Grand Theft Auto 5 logo for desktop, background and icon are already available to be downloaded.

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