GoPro Hero 4 News: Release Date and Specs

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GoPro Hero 4  News: Release Date and Specs 

Many GoPro cameras are out in the market from GoPro Hero 1 to 3 and the reviews are positive. Now, the company is set to unveil another edition of the camera: the GoPro Hero 4. Its release date is not yet final but it is speculated that it will be available either October this year or March next year. The previous edition was released early quarter of the year so let's just wait and see.

GoPro Hero 4 is reported to have impressive specifications. It comes with a Cortex-A9 processor along with FPU accelerator making it even more powerful than the previous Hero 3. Hero 4 also features a higher resolution of 4k which promises crispier videos.

Given these features, Hero 4 can probably capture videos with 1080p at 120fps or 720p at 240fps. This increase basically means smoother video capturing of high-speed scenes. Aside from this, GoPro Hero 4  is rumored to have a new 13 megapixel camera that enables photoshoots in very dark areas. Just like the previous version, it also has a waterproofed compact built.

Moreover, GoPro Hero 4 camera is very light and small yet it can take high quality photos and videos. It is has incredible camera lenses that can effortlessly capture extreme outdoor activities like rock climbing, skateboarding, and surfing. Even though you're not a professional phtographer, you will record the best moments of your life as they happen.

In terms of the price, there are rumors that the camera maybe sold for about $340. This might be too low compared to Hero 3 which is worth $600. But again, it is just a speculation. The more important thing is that the company finally announced  the release date and the features of the camera. 



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