Mortal Kombat X PS4: Release Date, New Characters, and Gameplay

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Mortal Kombat X PS4 Release Date: Reveals New Characters and Gameplay

Mortal Kombat is highly esteemed in the gaming industry. It has become a benchmark for succeeding games that involves combat and strategy. Not surprisingly, the announcement of its newest edition Mortal Kombat X made some traffic on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Its creators finally confirmed that Mortal Kombat X will be launched in 2015. The game is expected to be in the market in all formats including Xbox One and PS4 so more users can enjoy the game.

The teasers and trailer doing the rounds online show that new characters will be included in the newest edition. Addition of characters with names like Raiden and Kano have been confirmed. In the recent featured game plan, co-creator Ed Boon exhibited some clips of Kano fighting with another new character D'vorah.

Moreover, the game is said to be fueled with more exciting and thrilling situations that combine cinematic presentation with the newest gameplay. It also includes the first ever gameplan where the player can choose multiple variations of character to enhance fighting style and strategy. Mortal Kombat X further offer full-connected gameplay where the players can experience battles for supremacy in progressing levels.

Certainly, there are still a lot of things to be discovered about the game but for now, we just have to wait until it is available in the market. 


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