Young Oceans - 'Advent (Deluxe)' Review

Young Oceans got started in the Trinity Grace Church community in New York City. The alternative worship project grew out of hymns that church musicians and members wrote after two live worship albums, Without End (2009) and We Sing As One (2011) were released by the church. The reworking process happened in a SoHO apartment and as the group got deeper into the project, they found that the freedom that came from not writing in a traditional congregational format opened many doors. Song length and structure became less formatted and more about a culture that could reflect and pray without the time boundaries found in church.

As they played the music at impromptu gatherings, more and more people came and soon, the locations were filled to overflowing. The group made the decision to record a studio album so the music could be shared with the world. That album was released in April 2012 as both a free download and a for-purchase album for those who wished to support the project.

The Advent project came next in the evolution of Young Oceans. They had recorded a few of the songs when Hurricane Sandy hit New York. Their Brooklyn studio was directly in the path of the storm and further recording was brought to a halt. Since the album was created specifically to be a companion to the scriptures and meditations surrounding the holiday season, Advent took on new meaning when seen through the eyes of the literal and figurative darkness that surrounded Hurricane Sandy. The songs that they had were released on an EP just days before Christmas 2012.

Now, a year later, the band has been able to complete the project and is able to release the full-length Advent project.

The acoustically driven album isn't your typical church worship music with short verses and repetitive choruses that are designed to be easy to learn on the fly. These songs go much deeper in both their structure and lyrical content. Young Oceans doesn't just step out of the box - they leave it on the doorstep. You don't just listen to Advent, you experience it. While it's timely for the Christmas season, as it draws you deeper into a one on one relationship with Jesus, this gift will go on well beyond the Christmas season. In the aftermath of any natural disaster, tragedy or just really bad day, these songs will bring listeners back to the center - to the foundation of their faith.

If you are looking for a worship album that will crack the door between you and God and then leave it at that, you won't like Advent. If, however, you are looking for music that will sweep the door wide open and lead you right to the feet of your Savior, you will hit the jackpot with this release. Young Oceans invites you to go deeper and farther - falling in love with Jesus even more than ever before. Will you accept the invitation?

GENRE: Worship
RECORD LABEL: Indie release
RELEASE DATE: November 5, 2013

Advent Track List:

  1. All Who Here
  2. Come To Us O Lord
  3. My All In Thee
  4. The Gates
  5. Scattered Stones
  6. To Thee We Run
  7. So We Wait
  8. O Ancient Son
  9. My Soul, My Frame
  10. A Cure For The Scorn
  11. Scattered Stones (deluxe)
  12. Fire In the Dark
  13. God Of This Restless Heart


  • God Of This Restless Heart
  • Scattered Stones
  • The Gates

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