Amanda Bynes Arrested: Series of Arrests Reported By HP, Released for a Bail Amt. of $15,000

Amanda Bynes seemed to be disheveled, while she was arrested
(Photo : Foxnews)

Amanda Bynes: Series of Arrests reported By HP, Released for a bail Amt. of $15,000

Amanda Bynes: Scandal, Latest Arrest, Gossips, Series of Offenses

Amanda Bynes 28, former Hollywood child star arrested by the police on Sunday as they found she was driving under influence. It seems, she may lose her public image because of this arrest.  California Highway Patrol officer has stopped her car in the middle of Van Nuys neighborhood of Los Angeles on Sunday approximately 4 a.m. It is reportedly saying that; the star consumed a kind of unidentified toxic substance. The police underwent some cross examinations and conformed that she had consumed drug. Two years before Amada was hardly rescued from a similar issue with of drug consumed driving and arrested by the police. Following this Bynes was admitted to a psychiatric ward, and experienced full recovery on last year, The Hollywood gossip reports. Since the she had been stayed back from the spot light and attended school. The report says she quits from her smoking too.

But, last day's arrest seems little bit of complex as it informs she still continues drug consumption. The Highway police also reports that she had faced number of driving-related arrests and last day she seemed to be quite disheveled during her arrest. She has been released from the police custody for a bail amount of $15,000, Fox news reports.

Immediately after her arrest, The Associated Press sent a message to her criminal defense attorney Richard Hutton; but reportedly says he seems to quite delay to go forward with releasing procedures.

In 2013, Amanda Bynes had been suffered with some health issues and hospitalized for concerned with mental health. She has been released after a long rehabilitation process. She is still carefully monitoring by her parents and they sent her for a fashion design course at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Last year she shaved her head, but now the blonde her reveals the hair enough grown. After she came out from the rehabilitation, she deleted all vulgar messages and nude photos; the messages were about rapper Drake. 



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