Amanda Bynes: My Dad Molested Me; Britney Spears' Ex-Manager Tricks Emma Stone's ‘Easy A’ Co-Star To Psych Hold

Amanda Bynes
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Amanda Bynes: My Dad Molested Me; Britney Spears' Ex-Manager Tricks Emma Stone's 'Easy A' Co-Star To Psych Hold    

"Easy A" star Amanda Bynes recently took to Twitter to accuse his father of sexual abuse.

"My Dad fondled himself in front of me so many times that i started recording him on my phone in hopes of catching him," Bynes tweeted on Oct. 10, Friday, adding that she is meeting with a lawyer to get a restraining order against her father.

She also added her father was verbally and physically abusive to her when she was a child. A few hours later, she deleted the tweet and recanted the molestation allegation saying her father never did any of those things, Cosmopolitan reported.

"The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he's the one that ordered them to microchip me," she tweeted.

Prior to this, Bynes was spotted in Los Angeles talking to a cellphone. She then told paparazzi her father should be put in jail for a very long time.

Later on that day, it was confirmed she had been admitted to Las Encinas Hospital, a rehab facility for mental health and addiction treatment in Pasadena, E! News confirmed.

It turned out Emma Stone's "Easy A" co-star was tricked to go back to L.A. from New York.

With the help of Britney Spears' former manager, Sam Lutfi, Bynes was convinced to fly back home so she can be taken into a psychiatric hold.

In order to do this, Lutfi asked Bynes to sue her parents and in order to do this, she needs to return to L.A. so he could meet a lawyer.

With the help of Bynes' parents, Lutfi told the actress their car would make two stops. He told her they would stop first at a lawyer's office in Pasadena before they go to the London Hotel to meet with her parents and inform them about the lawsuit, New York Daily News has learned.

However, the lawyer's office turned out to be a Pasadena hospital. Bynes was then placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold when she entered the building.

Bynes then took to Twitter to thank Lutfi. She wrote, "you feel like a brother to me @SamLutfi i mean it. Thank you luuuuv."



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