'GTA 5' Next Gen PS4 Release Date on Nov. 4; Two Week Early Release and Pre-Order Comes with Cash Bonus; 50 GB Space Needed To Play The Game


'GTA 5' Next Gen PS4 Release Date on Nov. 4; Two Week Early Release and Pre-Order Comes with Cash Bonus; 50 GB Space Needed To Play The Game

Listen Grand Theft Auto fans out there! News of an earlier release date of "GTA 5" Next Gen is currently circulating around the web.

Citing rumors, International Business Times reported that "GTA 5" Next Generation will be available for a pre-release date, two weeks earlier than the announce launched of the well-known video game.

"Prospective GTA 5 next-gen gamers would be eligible for early pre-order bonus only if they pre-ordered the game before 3 November." A leaked pre-order listing shows that the anticipated car-race videogame will be available on November 4 for Playstation 4 platform.

Though fans hope that this news is true, Sony and Rockstar Games have not made any confirmation yet. Some also believe that the game developers and distributors would like to surprise "GTA 5" fans thus, releasing the game earlier from its original schedule.

Latino Post also reported that gamers who will pre-order "GTA 5" Next Gen for PS4 will get currency bonus.  An additional game cash bonus of $300,000 is included on the leaked pre-order list image. This hefty currency bonus will be added to $1,000,000 that is announced earlier by Rockstar games. "The in-game cash can be spent on "Grand Theft Auto 5" ($500,000) and "Grand Theft Auto Online" ($500,000)."
The announced currency bonus will also be available for "GTA 5" Xbox one edition of the game. Xbox players, on the other hand, will have to wait for the original November 18 release date for the anticipated fifth edition of the car racing game.
"GTA 5" Next Gen PC version will have a later release date, as Rockstar said that the version of the game will have 'a range of major visual and technical upgrades'. Grand Theft Auto's fifth edition playable in personal computers is set to be released on January 27 of next year.

Aside from the release date of GTA 5, Latin Times reported that the Next Gen game will require 50GB of hard drive space in Playstation 4. "A description for GTA 5 on PS4 noted that the video game will require 50GB of available hard drive space in order to perform its download and installation."

The 50GB needed space does not include additional game updates or available DLC. This whooping memory space can be justified by the updated graphics and effects that include 'higher resolution, dramatically improved draw depth, denser traffic system, enhanced weather effects, radio and music selection, and first person mode'.

If rumors are true, "GTA 5" will be the largest Playstation 4 game surpassing "Wolfenstein: The New Order" with 46.9 GB and 48 GB minimum save size.

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