Why Is ‘Fury’ Star Brad Pitt Not Anti-Gun? Shia LaBeouf: Yes, I Punched Angelina Jolie's Husband

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Why Is 'Fury' Star Brad Pitt Not Anti-Gun? Shia LaBeouf: Yes, I Punched Angelina Jolie's Husband 

Shortly after the release of his film "Fury," Brad Pitt made a confession that reveals he is unlikely anti-gun.

In a recent interview with Radio Times, as cited by Fox News, he admitted he has owned a gun since he was six years old.

During the interview, the actor explained there was a rite of passage where he grew up of inheriting ancestors' weapons.

"My brother got my dad's. I got my grandfather's shotgun when I was in kindergarten," the 50-year-old actor said adding he got an air gun at first before he was given the shotgun at the age of six and at the age of eight, he fired a gun for the first time.

Unless there is a gun in his home, the recently married father of six admitted he does not really feel that his family is safe.

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Missouri, Pitt said the positive side of owning a gun at a very young age was that his father instilled in him "a profound and deep respect for the weapon."

In his upcoming film "Fury," which will hit theaters on Oct. 17, Friday, Pitt plays a tank unit commander during World War II.

Last summer, a real-life WWII tank driver, 92-year-old George Smilanich from Hibbing, was flown to Hollywood to consult on the movie.

Having spent three years as a tank driver, Smilanich witnessed several battles, such as those in Africa, the invasion at Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge and the liberation of Holland and Belgium.

Meanwhile, Pitt's co-actor Shia LaBeouf appeared on the Oct. 13, Monday episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote "Fury."

According to LaBeouf, the writer and director of the film, David Ayer, encouraged the cast cast to work out through fistfights on the set every morning.

Although Angelina Jolie's husband was treated a little differently, he was not able to avoid a punch from LaBeouf, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

"Fury" also stars Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal, Jim Parrack, Brad William Henke, Kevin Vance, Xavier Samuel, Jason Isaacs, Anamaria Marinca, Alicia von Rittberg, Scott Eastwood, Laurence Spellman, Daniel Betts and Adam Ganne among others.



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