Heart Breaking News! H1Z1 Release Date Delayed Again: Air-Drop Feature Might Be Added, Sony Launched its Own eSports League

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Heart Breaking News! H1Z1 Release Date Delayed Again: Air-Drop Feature Might Be Added, Sony Launched its Own eSports League

There is nothing more disappointing than a delay of a most awaited game. Fans of the zombie survival game, H1Z1 were heartbroken as Sony Online Entertainment announced the possible delay of the game's release for PS4, Breathecast reported.

The much awaited apocalypse game's PC and PS4 edition were initially announced for a release on fall of this year, but according to an official statement from the game developer, Sony, H1Z1 for PS4 is still underway. The Sony Online Entertainment president, John Smedly reiterated that the game will be available for PS4 but to maintain their trademark of high quality and well-developed video games, the release for PS4 edition of H1Z1 has no certainty yet.

"We're SONY Online, so we have a certain level of quality we like to achieve before putting a game out. And the fact is it doesn't go out until we are happy with it," Smedly said in the statement. He also said that the PC version of H1Z1 might be released later this year, as scheduled initially.

According to Christian Today, there are rumors that the game developers will add 'a real-cash supply-drop' purchase option in the H1Z1 game. If this feature will be included, gamers can now purchase their desired items in the game, and after paying, the purchased items will be air-dropped in their play area.

During the Seattle PAX Prime event last September, H1Z1's senior designer confirmed that they are "seriously considering the airdrop inclusion."

"One of the things we're looking at is selling airdrops. We don't want to mess with the hardcore survival aspects, but ... once you order one, it spawns into the world," Jimmy Whisenhunt said.

On the other hand, air-dropping useful items can also have its cons. Once an area had an air-dropped item, enemies can now determine that the player is hiding in that place.

With this rumored feature, H1Z1 is really a game that fans have been waiting for. Game Spresso reported that even before its release, the zombie survival game got some good review already during the PAX Prime event. It is also dubbed as the 'Best Game to Mess with Your Friends' during the said gaming event.

 Amid the delay of H1Z1, Sony Online Entertainment launched its eSports league. The announcement was made in Spain and the said league will be available immediately in the country. It will also reach the U.S. and Europe though no release date has been announced yet.

 League of Legends and Starcraft are some of the famous games in eSports scene. Sony's own eLeague is set to start with Call of Duty, Battlefield and FIFA 15. The list of supported games will be longer soon, according to Sony. There will be prizes, season, and rankings in Sony' eSports league just like in previous league games.

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