Hillsong's Marty Sampson's Startling Revelations About Brian Houston & His Own Marriage

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Marty Sampson, the former worship leader and songwriter of Hillsong Church, has recently bid farewell to his Christian faith. He admits that he is no longer a Christian. Now the writer of popular worship songs such as "Elohim" and "His Glory Appears" has revealed that Hillsong's global senior pastor Brian Houston has yet to reach out to him. He writes on Instagram: "I don't care that you haven't reached out. You gotta do you. I know you're not perfect, and you know it too. I am not perfect AT ALL."

Nevertheless, Sampson is not bitter or negative about Brian Houston.  Instead he still speaks glowingly of his former pastor:  "How I feel about him? Respect. Humble gratitude. He is REAL. I don't care what you all think. At all. He is a human just like YOU. I have honestly held back from saying anything directly to you Brian. I have wrestled with my own pains and hurts from all kinds of things. Popping my head up right now. Sticking my neck out. But I don't care any more. I could say what I really feel. Here's my moment. My chance to drop the truth on to the world. Want to know what it is? @brianchouston is a LEGEND. Brian, thank you. This is sincere."

Sampson also reveals he is sorry for the negative attention he has brought to Hillsong church: "You (Brian Houston) are leading one of the biggest churches in the world and I'm a distraction. Taking away from what you are building. I'm sorry for that." 

Besides revealing his feelings about Houston, Sampson also mentions that he and his wife Michelle have been separated.  The couple were married in 2006 and they held their wedding reception in Hillsong Church.  Brian Houston officiated the wedding and the couple tied the knot in front of their family and loved ones.  

"Probably the most vulnerable I could be is this post. My wife and I are no longer together. It's been almost a year. I have nothing but love and respect for her, and look forward to watching our two amazing kids grow up together. That's all I will say about it."  


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