‘Arrow Season 3’ Spoilers Episode 3: What to Expect Next?

Arrow Season 3 Spoilers Episode 3

'Arrow Season 3' Spoilers Episode 3 Brittana And Santana: What to Expect Next?

The makers of this television series have spent a lot of time looking into ways to impress viewers with new plot additions. As fans already know, it is based on characters in DC Comics where Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, turns from a billionaire playboy to vigilante against crime in the city. Reputedly many critics thought the first season for this television series was dull and that's why they wanted to come up with more entertainment and narrative value.

The Season 3 for "Arrow" has taken off brilliantly with lead character falling in love and finally seeking out to her. In the first three episodes, we have already witnessed that Sara has died and the event took a big toll on everyone when she was shot from a rooftop by someone. The search for killer takes a lot of time of team Arrow. The killer is later found out to be Komodo but things do not seem to be very clear as Komodo explains why he didn't kill Sara.

Now fans want to know what happens in next episode called "Corto Maltese". According to Latin Post, Team Arrow will be busy looking for Thea and finally there will be some details on her identity with other clues on Sara's death. According to other spoiler reports, the makers have also worked on a special crossover episode with "The Flash," which will feature some really interesting charcters and plot.

Al Ghul family is also supposed to be causing problems for the city with more than one member of the family making an appearance on the show. In fact, according to the Comic Book Resources, Nyssa had debuted in the last season and she will be coming soon in the fourth episode scheduled for a release next week on Oct. 29. It is believed that the classic character Ra's al Ghul, who had featured in the "Batman Begins" movie to will also feature in this season. The character is played by Matthew Nable on the show and is believed to come up with some really evil plans to demolish Arrow. 

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