FREE MUSIC: Sandra McCracken's "Joy to the World"

Sandra McCracken

You can now download the MP3, chord and sheet music of Sandra McCracken's rendition of "Joy to the World" for FREE now at WeAreWorship. Simply click here.  

McCracken recently released the deluxe version of her first-ever holiday album titled Christmas. The singer, songwriter, and modern-day hymn writer has been writing and recording music for more than two decades drawing from folk, gospel, and hymn traditions. McCracken is well-known for crafting songs that weave together storytelling and Scripture all while translating God's comfort and love. Her Christmas album is no exception. "I hope for my music to help stir people to ask the important questions, to bring comfort and hope, and to help people sing together. A Christmas album is all the more reason to do just that."

It was on a trip to Israel two years ago when she visited the birthplace of Jesus and the shepherd's field near Bethany that pushed her to make Christmas. She shares, "I finally decided I didn't need to overthink it. I wanted to enjoy the process, to sing these songs about the sacred story of the birth of Jesus. We still need the light of Jesus to break into our darkness. Sometimes we need familiar melodies to remind us that we have a place where we belong.

In addition to the eleven songs from her 2019 release, Christmas (Deluxe) includes an 'acoustic kitchen remix' of the Christmas classic "Go Tell It On the Mountain" and an original song "Mary's Arms." Sandra McCracken's Christmas (Deluxe) will is also available for sale on vinyl.



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