Superman vs. Batman ‘Dawn of Justice’ Plot Spoilers: Why Do They Fight Each Other?

Superman vs. Batman Dawn of Justice Plot Spoilers

Superman vs. Batman 'Dawn of Justice' Plot Spoilers: Why Do They Fight Each Other?

Superheroes can be complicated. Then, all it takes is a team of supernatural powers, and then the entrance of some unscrupulous and devious villains, and matters take on a whole new dimension of complexity! "Dawn of Justice" is this kind of story, in which an intense storyline involving classic comic book characters comes alive on screen.

After the massive success of the Avengers series, DC comic fans were left with an obvious question in mind: why can't there just be a Justice League movie? Fortunately, director Zack Snyder, who created the "Man of Steel" movie previously, accepted the challenge of bringing the best superheroes together in an unforgettable plot. The film's trailer is reportedly attached to the "Battle of Five Armies," which will be released on December 17, 2014.

Now fans who are not really into comic books are faced with the obvious question: why are Batman and Superman fighting against each other? Aren't they in the same team that is unified in the fight for justice? What kind of situation could force them into conflict? And what will be the outcome? Will Superman defeat Batman?

In the comic book universe, this epic fight actually took place a number of times—most notably in "Hush," where Superman loses his mind and fights his own team. On that occasion, Poison Ivy deviously used a secret Krypton chemical on Superman, leaving Batman as the obvious choice to take him down. Once again, Lex Luthor controlled the superhero in "Hush," by threatening to annihilate a city to force Superman to work for himself. However, it's not clear what circumstances Snyder will use in the "Dawn of Justice" plot.

This then leaves the second important question: will Batman defeat Superman? These two superheroes trust and respect each other, and when it comes to opposing each other, Superman seems undefeatable. However, Batman possesses superior combat and tactical planning that can stop Superman to an extent. Fans will need to wait for the projection of Snyder's creative mind onto cinema screens, before arriving at any conclusions. 

Now it remains to be seen how Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill take the superhero saga to a completely different level—especially when they are operating among a creative team with such high standards. Comic book fans will also be excited to know that "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron" will be released next year, so they can look forward to dissecting and comparing the plots of both films, and working out how they fit into the overall superhero universe!            


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