'Sons of Anarchy Season 7' Updates: Episode 9 Spoilers; 'Separation of Crow' Recap; Finale Photos Leaked

Sons of Anarchy
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'Sons of Anarchy Season 7' Updates: Episode 9 Spoilers; 'Separation of Crow' Recap; Finale Photos Leaked

The top rating television drama series by FX has more brutal and bloody scenes as its seventh season continues. New "Sons of Anarchy," created by Kurt Sutter, Season 7 features a lot of violence and revenge around the lives of the members of outlaw motorcycle club, led by Jax Teller.

Set in the fictional town, Charming, which is situated in Central Valley of California, "Sons of Anarchy" is up for its new episode next week. Hollywood Hills reported that FX has already released a short teaser for the upcoming Episode 9 of the series. The short clip revealed some ironing out that will happen within the club that has been plagued with conflicts.

FX has also unveiled the official synopsis for "Sons of Anarchy Season 7" episode 9 which is titled "What a Piece of Work is Man." The released episode summary states, "The group has to deal with a internal heartache."

It can be recalled that the biker's club has been experiencing a rough time during the show's last episode. International Business Times reported that "Sons of Anarchy Season 8's" official synopsis stated, "With the search for a missing member at a standstill, focus shifts to flushing out an internal rat."

In the previous episode, "Separation of Crows," Bobby's life was put in danger after he was kidnapped by their clubs rival lead by Augustus Marks. While Bobby suffered brutal torture in the hands of Marks and the rest of the gang, Jax is still focused in plotting revenge after her wife's death. As the leader of the group, Jax has no choice but to help rescue Bobby and then they figured out the "internal rat" in the group.

Brutalities and killing have been around the Sons of Anarchy's seventh season and fans of the show are seemingly guessing who would be left standing. Great news is that photos of finale episode shoot have been leaked, as Inquisitr reported. The images gave some clue on the franchise season finale on December.

"Sons of Anarachy's" main characters Jax played by Charlie Hunnam, Chibs played by Tommy Flanagan, Tig, played by Kim Coates and Happy, played by David Labrava are seen together in the leaked pictures of alleged Episode 13 of the show's seventh season. This means that the members of the biker's club remains intact until the SOA finale.

The show's writer and creator, Sutter, hinted that an important person in SAMCRO would die on "Sons of Anarchy" episode 9 or 10. Fans think it will be Bobby after his brutal experience with Mark and the gang, but Sutter refutes and said it will not be him.

It is reported that Sutter is not finished yet in writing the entire series, thus, anything is possible. So fans should be vigilant for updates about "Sons of Anarchy Season 7."

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