JJ Heller's "Sound of a Living Heart" Ready for Preorder

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Singer and songwriter JJ Heller has a new album "Sound of a Living Heart" coming out on August 21st.  However, the LP is is now available for preorder from iTunes and her webstore is selling autographed CDs for $9.99 (33% off retail). Get her song, "Father-Daughter Dance," as a digital download after you place your order.

Although Heller has had been releasing multiple albums, she first hit the Billboard Christian song chart with her song "Your Hands," from her "Painted Red" album, in 2009.  Her next album "When I'm With You" came in 2010 and it was a top 40 Billboard Christian Chart hit record.  This was followed by her acoustic record "Depper" which features "When I'm With You," a track later covered by Jennifer Love Hewitt for the "The Client's List."  Heller's latest release "Loved" features the song "Control" which can also be heard on "One Tree Hill."

For JJ Heller, every album is a bit like a yearbook. Each new collection of songs is an accumulation of real experiences and stories gathered along the way. Heller's next release, Sound of a Living Heart, was brought to life under the production of Jonny Macintosh (Third Day, Lead Us Back). The 11 brand-new songs describing the pursuit of a whole-hearted life, is like a well-textured story, inviting the listener into a deeper journey that continues long after the final song ends.
Within each of us resides a story waiting to be told as we journey toward our most authentic and fulfilled life. JJ Heller's new offering might just be the perfect soundtrack for the one you're telling.



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