Mark Driscoll Did Appear at Hillsong Conference, Albeit a Video Interview

Mark Driscoll

Previously, Hillsong Church reported that Mark Driscoll would not be attending the Hillsong Conference in Sydney due to the pushback by many Christians who felt that it was too soon for Driscoll to return back to the stage. Driscoll resigned as Senior Pastor of Mars Hill Church after accusations of plagiarism, misappropriate use of church funds, and his domineering leadership style were directed against him. However, at the Conference this week, Driscoll did appear, albeit a 30-minute video interview, with Hillsong's Pastor Brian Houston.

In the video which was aired at the 20,000 people conference in Sydney, Australia, Driscoll did admit his regrets over his domineering behaviour when he was the Senior Pastor at Mars Hill Church. "I hope that in the future I can be a pastor who draws people and not drives people," he said, filmed sitting alongside his wife.

Driscoll, who planted Mars Hill at the age of 25, said he should have spent a longer time "under godly, spiritual authority" before serving as a lead pastor. "I made a lot of mistakes ... and one of them was going too fast. ... My character was not caught up with my gifting," he said. "I did start too young. I wouldn't look at any 25-year-old now and say, 'Yes, do what I did.'"

Driscoll also distanced himself from past crude and misogynistic remarks, calling "the perception of what I think about women ... entirely my own fault.

"I want to have the heart for the women in the future who will allow me to be their pastor that I have for my daughters," he said, "and that is if they have spiritual gifts, and are called by God, and are godly, I want to help them achieve that intentionally and encourage that and be a support for that."

Driscoll's interview received a standing ovation.


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