Jon Thurlow On the Passion & Vision Behind "Shout Your Name"

Jon Thurlow

Forerunner Music, the official record label of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC), has just released its highly anticipated music offering, Onething Live: Shout Your Name. Recorded at IHOPKC's annual Onething young adult conference last December, the live album features some of the most memorable songs from the event all led by members of its worship team during the conference.

Each December downtown Kansas City is transformed into a global destination for thousands of fiery worshipers as IHOPKC hosts its annual Onething conference at the Kansas City Convention Center. Drawing around 20,000 church leaders and young people from congregations all over the world each year, this premier event featured Forerunner Music artists and IHOPKC worship leaders Misty Edwards, Jaye Thomas, Laura Hackett Park, Jonas Park, Jon Thurlow, Justin Rizzo and Ryan Kondo.

Hallels:  How did you become involved with the International House of Prayer? What's your role there at the house of prayer?

I had heard about the House of Prayer when I was in college, because a friend of mine had graduated a year ahead of me and joined IHOPKC.  A year after graduating, I finished an internship at a church in Pennsylvania and was driving back to my parent's house in Colorado, with no future plans-and stopped by the house of prayer in Kansas City.  I picked up a brochure for Fire In the Night, IHOPKC's nightwatch internship.  I thought, 'Wow-midnight to 6am in a prayer room every day.  That sounds kind of crazy-but at this point in my life, I need something radical that will help push me towards Jesus again.'  Mid-way through college, my life in God started to diminish, so I wanted to land somewhere that I could strengthen my faith again.  I did the 3-month Fire In the Night program, and joined staff shortly thereafter. Looking back now, it was clearly one of those life transitions that the hand of the Lord was guiding.

Hallels:  You are also involved on the new Onething Live album, Shout Your Name, tell us more about the two songs that you sang lead on - the title cut "Shout Your Name" and "When You Walk Into The Room." 

"Shout Your Name" was written when my wife and I were in a more challenging season of life.  The Name of the Lord-which represents all that He is-was being highlighted to us.  We were crying out to the Lord to be all that He is to us-He is healer, He is Redeemer, He restores.  So the phrase "Shout Your Name" is another way of saying, "Lord, come and be who You are!  Be our healer, be our restorer."  Another part of the song says, "No one wants to make things right more than You." In other words, whether it's sickness or dysfunction in our bodies, a circumstance, or an injustice-the Lord sees it, and He greatly cares about taking things that are wrong, and making them right.

"When You Walk Into the Room" is a song that Bryan and Katie Torwalt wrote. We started doing it in our worship sets because it highlights the truth of the Lord's power and His ability to release that power in the present moment. It talks about God as One who is right there in the moment-and what can happen when He moves.  It produces a reach of faith in our hearts, I believe.  The second verse always hits me.  "When you walk into the room, sickness starts to vanish, every hopeless situation ceases to exist."

Hallels:  Why was "Shout Your Name" chosen as the title cut?  Did you write it knowing that it would be? How did this fit the theme of the conference?

I honestly do not know how the song was chosen as the title cut!  When I wrote it, I definitely didn't know it would be the title track-though I'm honored that it was chosen.  At the conference, we were crying out for the Lord-for His presence, His power, His person, and I think in that sense the song did complement the overall theme.

Hallels: Did you learn anything from writing these songs and what was it? What do you want the listener to take away with them?

I learned a lot through writing "Shout Your Name." The music and melody came fairly quickly, but the lyrics took a long time.  It was a real process to take where my wife and I were in that season, and put it into a prayer form to the Lord, in such a way that fit the melody line well.  More than 20 hours were spent on the lyrics!  But it was definitely worth it.

Hallels:  What has this experience of Onething Live taught you about God and worship?

It's taught me that the Lord is merciful.  I've felt more weak and weary in this recent season than in previous seasons.  But the Lord has been so faithful to continue to meet us and continually invite us deeper into His heart. It might sound cliché, but He really is so good.

Hallels: You released a solo EP last year, are you following this up with a new solo album soon?

Yes, I've spent the last few months working on finishing several song ideas.  The goal is to take the songs, hit the studio in the next couple of months, and then potentially release the project at the end of this year.  We'll see!

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to read more about you or/and purchase the new Onething Live: Shout Your Name album, where can they go?

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter.  I also have a website,, that I don't do the best job of keeping up to date 

For the new Onething album, you can find it on iTunes (, or on the Forerunner Music homepage ( in the power of the spirit.


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